Thursday, July 03, 2008

What the Doctor Ordered

One or more people at NPR deserve medals for getting past its typically awful coverage of our national health care disgrace. This morning NPR offered the first of a series of examinations of the health care systems of other leading industrial nations (today's was Germany's).

Noticeably lacking was any of the usual dismissiveness toward a comprehensive national health care system. The reporter conducting the story actually tried to discover what works with Germany's system, what its users think about it, and - rarely mentioned in news reports - how the guarantee of full and equitable health care for all citizens of a country can improve the humanity of that country, creating a sense of compassion and unity (the report even called it solidarity!).

As I've written before, I am disgusted at paying exorbitant rates (now $8000 a year for my family - with $25 office visit copays) for employer supported coverage that is far worse than what one should get - and that doesn't do anything to help include the uninsured in coverage. So thank you, whoever you are at NPR who put together this show. It is crucial to highlight the possibilities of a better health care system in this election year when there is a slight possibility that our own system may be improved (although I confess to having the same delusion back in 1992).


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the people at this blog give props to NPR when NPR gets something kinda right. Call the BS when necessary, and kudos otherwise. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

"Props" - rare though it may be to behold.

Batocchio said...

I've been impressed so far with the series. A few months back, I actually wrote their ombudsman a lengthy letter (with links) about how they covered health care - spurred in that case by them letting Fred Thompson make false claims unchallenged.