Saturday, August 09, 2008

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.

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Anonymous said...

As I Expected: They Were All in Sync Like a Swiss Time Piece

NPR, the Washington Post, the NYT, etc., all got their knickers in a knot this weekend, blaring out the message.

The message of the propaganda matrix: RUSSIA BAD / GEORGIA GOOD. (Repeat)

It's simple. It's easy to remember. It requires no thought. It's effortless.

Bonus: it's a time-tested, time-proven formula. Does anyone remember the old hits, RUSSIA BAD / UKRAINE GOOD, or SERBIA BAD / KOSOVO GOOD? Why, it's like 2+2=4, or Einstein's E=MC(squared). Except here E=Reality, M=Mainstream Media Mendacity, and C(squared)=people's credulity raised to the 2nd power.

And besides, if NPR, the WaPo, the NYT, the BBC, etc., said it--well, it follows, logically, that it must be true!

God, I feel so good, since NPR, the WaPo, the NYT, the BBC, etc. are all saying it!

Case closed. The last one to leave, please turn out the lights.

Good night!