Monday, October 27, 2008

Q Tips

NPR related comments are always welcomed.


Anonymous said...

These science-themed reports by Robert Krulwich are really bad... pretty childish, intellectually empty, and un-enlightening. Maybe they should add some fart sounds.

Anonymous said...

I just have to vent about the ongoing McCain campaigning on NPR. Two features in one day on the dreaded "TOTN" touting 1) the virtues of "divided government" (yeah, gridlock is great!), and how it's therefore a swell idea to vote for McCain, and 2) the wonderful maverickiness of McCain and his swell "spread the wealth" smears, so vote for McCain. NPR must have a lot invested in a Republican victory.

Anonymous said...

This morning there was a piece on the difficulties of a daughter (whose mom, earning a "6 figure" income who had lost her job) who could not count on the NYU or Columbia education she had planned on.

And just before that, there was a hard-luck story of a family who was paying... $4,300 a month in morgage fees.

Who is NPR appealing to? Who is their audience?