Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


Anonymous said...

Great job with the blog. I'm another former NPR listener that got fed up with their conservative bent which I first started to notice during the 2004 election. And the whoppers keep coming today, and they think we're too stupid to notice.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

I dunno how long you've been up and runnning, but I just found you today through Mikes Blog Round-Up at C&L. I am now a FAN...and will gladly contribute--though only prose, not cash...

Anonymous said...

Ya you have been exposed!!!


Your on my blog rotation now!!!

Great job!!!

Diane Rehm Show is heard on my St. Louis NPR affiliate. She is a kick ass progressive but she still hosts the MsM tools every Friday!

Also I be hatin' "On Point"!!!
Talk about feeding the frenzy.

ty ty ty ty!!

Mytwords said...

Thanks for kind remarks...prose welcome...I also welcome readers to beg, borrow, or steal any posts you like (just kindly note source/link back).

BTW, been up and running since May 2006. It's been interesting to say the least...

Anonymous said...

I be hatin' "On Point"!!!
Talk about feeding the frenzy.

You can say that again.

Ashbrook's cheer-leading for Shock and Awe was almost as disgusting as his cheer-leading in the lead up to the invasion.

Iraqi exiles seemed to have free access to OnPoint.

Ashbrook is one of those "journalists" who think they are the cats pajamas because they get all the big wigs on their program.

The real reason that so many agree to be on his program is that he throws softball questions, so being on his program amounts to an opportunity to freely broadcast one's views.

What right winger would turn that down?

Ashbrook is being used and he does not even know it -- or perhaps he knows it and enjoys it.

Either way, it's pathetic.

Porter Melmoth said...

Aside from all this, gang, Blob Seig Heil and Missy Blok have deigned to announce that, as of this day, NPR has a new 'CEO', imported from the NYT. Now, what do you suppose that means for the NPR lifers who have had such a cushy ride with the Neocons in 'Public' Radio? Could be interesting, as some flabby official says that there will be 'bumpy roads' ahead for NPR, but in 5 years or so, they will be 'stronger than ever'. To me, that says NPR will be even more worthless than they already are, which, if any of you do a thorough perusal through this blog's archives, will be a pretty hard act to follow. Because, NPR has proven itself to be, time and again, all through the Bush Dark Age, to be a dubious source for news at best. Now they're going to try and repudiate that heritage, apparently, through new management. I can only say, BEWARE OF NPR. They will attempt to coddle you, to soothe you with their 'intelligent' talk, and to appear better and brighter than the other media, but they are suspect for any number of reasons. Be wary. Monitor their methods, be aware of their larger agenda. In an Obama Administration, they will be even more subversive. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Interesting, porter. Hardly listen to 'em anymore, but was just thinking this morning how they're going to try to re-tool themselves. Or rather, attempt to disguise their tool-like nature, in the Obama years.

And, Howdy Woody!

Porter Melmoth said...

I would add that, when the new All-Powerful CEO begins to 'transport' NPR as of January, I think we can expect more infotainment such as the latest Bob Krulwich segment on 'tree-guzzling' offered this morn. The kids love the sexed-up sound editing and funny words, you know. Sheer, worthless ear-crap.

I noticed that in both of F#@*enflek's reports on this matter (new NPR CEO), there was NO mention of corporate influence/control or big-money relationship with NPR at ALL. In fact, he had the audacity to play the sad violin by saying NPR was going to have a whopping $2 million DEFICIT this year!

Possible positive outcomes of new CEO: clean house of all the old-timer NPR dead wood. You know, those cranky, sanctimonious and vain types who've had things their way for so long. They may be replaced with types who are even more fluffy and squirm-inducing, but then at least it will be much easier to COMPLETELY write off NPR as an ongoing failure. Now THAT's something to look forward to!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog

I was listening to NPR Radio in my car this evening. I can't recall the exact interviewer or intervuewee but what struck me was the person representing the government statement's were never questioned and accepted 100% as fact. Years back a statement like "prepetrated by elements of Al Qaeda" would have been challenged by the interviewer interjecting "there are people who believe that Al Qaeda does not exist, the CIA among them."

One can easily google this information online. google 'Al Qaeda CIA fake'

Where are the voices in the MSM who challenge the government to prove their case. Not just ask questions that lead to the conclusion desired by the government?

Don't we still live in the USA?

Anonymous said...

there was NO mention of corporate influence/control or big-money relationship with NPR at ALL"

We can all thank Kevin Klose for that.

Anyone would be better than that old Radio Free Europe fart.