Friday, November 14, 2008

Q Tips

NPR related comments are always welcomed.


Anonymous said...

Listening to the Diane Rehm show this morning I hear the usual litany of corporate opinion and fact manufacturing. The usual suspects...

Jerry Seib, executive Washington editor, "The Wall Street Journal"

Sheryl Gay Stolberg, White House correspondent, "The New York Times"

David Welna, congressional correspondent, National Public Radio.

All agreed having Hillary Rodham Clinton for Sec. of State was a GREAT idea!!

They love having Madeline Albright (starved half a million Iraqi kids Albright) and Jim Leach (deregulator par excellence) on Obama's economic team as well!!

Porter Melmoth said...

Oh yeah, you can be sure the media establishment wants in on an Obama administration. If Barack caves under pressure to include these old Clintonian hacks, it will show just how powerful that particular machine still is. I shall give that benefit of the doubt to Obama until proven otherwise.

In other NPR flatulences:

- Inskreep and Ari Fleish- I mean Shapiro were rolling on the floor with belly laughs when yakking about the Illinois governor, and how he has to replace former Sen. Obama. They just couldn't contain their smirking, fully expecting their entire audience to smirk along with 'em. Come on gang, take a cue from these NPR smartsters and get hip!

- I know this is snarky (and I realize this blog isn't Wonkette), but am I the only one who is, well, sort of bothered by Ari Flei- I mean Shapiro's drainpipe/holding-his-nose voice? I mean, it sounds like every one of his sentences has been digitally isolated, then run through some tweaker program JUST TO BUG listeners like me! I know, I shouldn't make fun of something he can't help... Plus, the more he's on the big time shows, the more our prizewinner seems comfortable with making us aware that he is NPR's Equal Opportunity representative for diversity as far as sexual preference is concerned. Yeah, yeah, I'm on thin ice (I couldn't care less who these NPR bozos prefer!), but NPR itself is on thin ice, and it deserves every criticism it gets.

Anonymous said...

Bill Richardson is much more qualified for SOS.

But Hillary sends out a loud signal -- and Bill (her hubby) comes running.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Was anyone able to keep breakfast down upon listening to this morning's (Sat) adulatory tongue-laving of the Gingrich prostate by (Lyn Nealy)?

One thing about the DC press, and NPR: they've developed a real taste for GOPshit...

Recall: You can't spell "R E P U B L I C A N" without NPR...

Anonymous said...


National Zionist Radio

(pro Palestinian comment not skinhead comment)

Buzztree said...

I lost my french toast over the starry-eyed celebration of "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime," capped off by Daniel Shorr singing -- no, groaning -- the song. And I could swear that's the second time I've heard him sing that on the air!

NPR is preparing to shove the New Depression down our throats and have us love it. Won't those be the good ol' days, when we all sing sappy songs again.

"Brother, Can You Spare A Trillion" would be my version.

Anonymous said...

NPR has been peddling the "Great Depression" meme ever since Bush/Paulson proposed their bailout plan.

Bush used it to sell the bailout to Congress -- and NPR used it to sell it to the American public.

It amounted to pure unadulterated propaganda.

Anonymous said...

"President-elect Barack Obama is preparing to take office talking as though he'll throw the White House doors open and let the sunshine in. But some reporters who have been covering the Obama campaign are a little doubtful of what that means for journalists" -- NPR's David Folkenflick

Funny NPR never complained about the way Bush handled the press conferences (controlled to the max) and they are already complaining about Obama before he even starts.

NPR reporters (eg Don Gonyea) were all too happy to simply parrot everything Bush said. ("Donny wanna cracker")

David Folkenflick continues:

"the White House press corps may end up competing with newsmakers and sources who increasingly want to deliver the news themselves."

Poor Folkenflick, getting scooped by blogs and others who deliver the news "unvarnished". -- eg, a video of Obama's own words rather than those of some NPR hack like Gonyea or Folkenflick.

Anonymous said...

Balance has reached new lows at NPR:

It is even being used (by NPR's Ombudsman, no less) as an excuse to air David Duke!

To the following listener comment
"WHY did you put on the piece with David Duke?"

NPR Ombudsman Alicia Shepard replied:

"David Duke is a former Louisiana state lawmaker, grand wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and onetime presidential aspirant. I think it's critical for an informed electorate to hear all kinds of voices-- even voices that you don't agree with, and many don't agree with David Duke. I found the interview fascinating and noticed how tough Michel Martin was on him. Whether we like it or not, there are individuals and groups that will not like Sen. Obama as president. We need to hear from them rather than ignore them."

Yes, of course. We need to hear from those groups that want to kill Obama.

And i guess we also need to hear from the likes of Charles Manson?

What in the world ar ethese peopl smoking?

If Shepard actually believes in giving the likes of David Duke a megaphone on public radio for his racist views, she should be fired.