Saturday, November 29, 2008

Q Tips

NPR related comments are always welcomed.


Porter Melmoth said...

(Thought I'd re-post this one in the broader Q-Tips Dept.)

Well, I guess we knew it was coming. 'Evil' is the perfect subject for a Simonized Sermonette. After the Neocons and BushCorp abused the word, it's left to a Saturday morning radio host to restore it to respectability, with an innuendo that the Neocons have been right all along. Who better than the Simonizer, who has the guts to actually use the word 'evil', to lead us back when we go astray?

One more thought about this morning's show. You know, in show business, there's good vaudeville and bad vaudeville. Either way, it was a hodgepodge, with slapstick mixed with operatic arias, jugglers and scenes from 'Hamlet'. NPR's magazine shows emulate this model, but without the flair. At least in vaudeville you could get some pretty good talent. Today we indeed had Scottie's Sermonette, but a GREAT DEAL of time was spent on a spectacularly unfunny and poorly-produced 'segment' with our vaudevillian Scott and Dave Barry goofing around at a science show. It BOMBED, people. Give 'em the hook!

And gosh, I couldn't forget our dear Gwen's Jungle Storytime, with special features like: I'll Take You By The Hand So's We Can Visit Some Neat Gorillas (With Special Conscientious Observations On The Poor Folk Who Live Nearby, as a feel-good bonus). Thank heavens Kipling's not alive to hear this Discovery Channel For Kids rubbish.

Quandary: how can we take a Simonized Sermon seriously when it's surrounded by FUN?

Modest suggestion (and not for the first time): NPR, dump the vaudeville approach. Separate features from news stories. You guys don't know how to make the mix work.

PS: Oh, yesterday Insfreak celebrated the birthday of Jon Stewart by delivering a full-of-snot zinger, calling him a 'fake' newsman. Insqueep been dwinking sour gwape juice. His limp touché, flung in the totally brilliant satirist and social commentator's direction, only made the saber come back and hit him in the face. No doubt he thinks Mark Twain was a fake, too.

Porter Melmoth said...

While I welcome the efforts of the worthy Dan'l Zwerdling in his two-part 'expose' on government contracting, I nevertheless am reminded throughout the whole thing that he's workin' for NPR. That is, the report didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. And now that Dubya is ending his admin by whimpering his 'regrets', NPR figures it's safe enough for a little 'expose' like this. Plus, it ends with the speculation that Obama will probably not be any different in his approach to contracting, despite wishes to lessen it. Typical NPR cowardice. So, loyal NPR listeners may find Zwerdling's report a revelation, but that just means that they haven't been paying attention, and that's what Neocon Publicist Radiation wants their good little audience to do.

What's that saying - 'Cynicism's just an unpleasant way of telling the truth'. Well, sometimes it is.

Anonymous said...

Zwerdling did well!! Give props where props are due. I hates me some NZR (National Zionist Radio), but these segments rocked.