Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bobmark Regevsiegel Speaks

First, a few positives: NPR actually allowed some Gaza residents to speak about life under Israeli bombardment (NPR's contracted news producer and a Gaza professor) and interviewed a UNRWA spokesperson about humanitarian conditions.

But sadly NPR's previous suppressed and distorted coverage of Gaza allows a massive amount of disinformation to continue unchallenged. A case in point was One-Approach-Bob Siegel's sympathetic interview with Israeli spokesperson Mark Regev (not the first time he's been coddled on NPR).

Here are a few of Regev's claims that faced no scrutiny whatsoever - so I've included a few basic informational follow-ups that any half-informed reporter could have asked:
I realize it's a tall order asking NPR news readers to know more than the White House and State Department press releases, but - for God's sake - it's not that hard to find the history and context of the violence in Gaza - violence which everyone else in the world knows is fully backed, funded and enabled by the US government.


Anonymous said...

Well, now - Good assemblage, Myt. Much for Blobbermouth McRootypoop to improve upon, should he actually elect to (which, of course, I doubt).

Anonymous said...

What finely tuned talking points, Israel. Expert. Superb. Goebbels couldn't have done better. And NPR is there to aid and abet war crimes. Both functioning on American tax dollars. Hurrah!

Anonymous said...

The US Congress has not been any better.

Nor has Obama, for that matter.

He claimed he would change things but all I see (with his statements and appointments) is more of the same. Cheney is still navigating (in circles) and Bush is now cabin boy (doing God knows what: use your imagination), but other than that it's "Steady as she goes".

funny that that was his primary criticism of McCain -- and now he is doing it himself

Anonymous said...

make that "Steady as she blows".

It's more apt.

Anonymous said...

That's why it's up to us to keep the pressure up, Anonymous. Power concedes nothing on its own.

Anonymous said...

Why is it only the foreign press that reports stuff like this

"Jewish Organisations Call for End to Gaza Bombings"
Published on Wednesday, December 31, 2008 by Inter Press Service
by Ali Gharib

one can not dismiss these groups as ant-Semites or even "self hating jews".

many of them are simply acknowledging the fact that bombing one's (present and future) neighbors is not the best way to ensure one's own security (to say the least)

NPR and other news organizations are doing Israel a HUGE disservice by not covering these groups of thoughtful jews who actually understand the politics of the region and understand that Israel's very survival is intimately tied up with the future of the Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

These are some seriously sick people.

But the way they approved of US barbarity in Iraq--we are fools to expect anything different.

And they beg for money during fund drives, as they pimp for corporate oligarchy and hide the crimes of the US empire.

"Contempt" doesn't suffice to describe my rejection of these ethically retarded, undemocratic pigs.

I especially love the way these creeps wear their victimhood on their sleeves, as with 9-11.

"We are so good and innocent. Feel sorry for us!--or we will kill you."

Anonymous said...


(Thanks to David Green commenting on Mondoweiss for the heads-up.)

Anonymous said...

i agree your idea ! very nice blog

Ruben Misrahi said...

I agree with everyone here. Perhaps Israel should react in a "proportionate" way and just launch 5,000 rockets to civilian populations.

I used to disagree with Israel's position that no propaganda will help if unilaterally leaving the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon for the sake of peace... if that doesn't convince the world, nothing will do.

You know, they were right. No matter what Israel does for peace. It will be blamed It just has no friends. Not other country is as isolated and threatened as Israel. It has no links because of religion, language or ethnicity with anyone.
Israel is the Jew of the world.
Christians sympathize with Palestinians because they are perceived as weak. Muslims use the Jews to unite against each other.
My grand parents were kicked out from Arab lands in 1948 (850,000 Jews). Those refugees are forgotten. Why? Israel took care of them.