Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Memory Hole - NPR Style

If you've been listening to NPR's coverage of the Gaza Massacre you've probably heard some fairly imaginative history. I recall being treated to some fine HistoryLite™ by former US tool Philip Wilcox who claimed that Hamas emerged in the 1st Intifada. You've also heard Inskeep claim that Hamas broke the ceasefire and others assert that Hamas had no interest in a ceasefire.

Just to set the record straight there are a few missing factoids in the NPR storyline:

Hamas was around before the 1st Intifada, and was strengthened and supported by...Israel! How curious, seems like there were a few problems with a secular, nationalist Palestinian movement - perhaps the greatest problem being that it was willing to accept a two state solution before Israeli expansionism was complete.

As far as the Hamas "takeover" of Gaza - that little plot was conceived and midwifed by old birth-pangs-Rice, Bush and the complicit "Quartet."

As far as the broken ceasefire, even CNN had someone who actually read a few articles to see if there was an actual record of a major Israeli violation - there was. Johann Hari also pointed out that not only did Hamas not flagrantly break the ceasefire, it actually wanted to continue it. He sites the source of his information as Shin Bet chief, Diskin, who is quoted in Haaretz saying, "Make no mistake, Hamas is interested in continuing the truce, but wants to improve its terms. It wants us to lift the siege [on Hamas-ruled Gaza], stop [IDF] attacks, and extend the truce to include Judea and Samaria [the West Bank]."

O, memory hole, thy name is NPR...


Anonymous said...


Keep up the fantastic work. Been loving the stuff on this blog, especially recently, and have been recommending it to friends.

Have you guys ever looked into this bullshit - America Abroad?

It is unabashed propaganda, featuring well-known NPR people and all kinds of right-centrist talking heads and commentators.

The worst kind of uncritical domestic-prop - sort of NPR on steroids.

The first time I heard this shit I almost puked my dentures out. Listen and weep. Maybe you could run some commentary on this GARBAGE. If and when, that is, all this other insanity wanes. Whaddya think?


Benoit Balz



Anonymous said...

Amen. I love you guys.
Especially in these days, surrounded as we are by the Israeli-occupied media. To join with the Israeli-occupied Congress.

Re propaganda, this post details just one instance of pro-Israel media manipulation:

Also the readers here may enjoy the blog. Richard calls himself a
"Progressive Zionist" - perhaps an oxymoron,
but he is principled and courageous and takes on the right-wing Zionist loonies fearlessly. [whose favorite threat to him is, "Your kids should get cancer, and an Arab should rape your wife."
Nice, huh?]


Anonymous said...

One thing - is it my imagination or does it seem to anyone else that even the Main Stream Media is showing more carnage and more suffering than they usually do?

Is it possible there is a teeny bit of compassion for the long-suffering Palestinians emerging?


Anonymous said...

haha this is rich.
Acc to AP: "Hamas fighters are known to have begun wearing civilian clothes."
So you see, there are no civilian deaths, they are all 'Hamas militants' disguised as civilians, many of them managed to disguise themselves as infants and toddlers. Amazing.


Anonymous said...

It would be helpful if commenters would choose a name other than "Anonymous." It gets a little confusing!

Anonymous said...

^ No pwobwem here. I'm a good widdle white puffball. And I wubz me my NPR. Sooooo vewwy vewwy much! - I do a widdle white puffball dance when Missy Block is on-mic! Pweez don't huwt my sensitive widdle white puffball feewings with stark, reawistic stowies gwounded in fact.



Unknown said...

Re America Abroad

Benoit, this sounds about like the old Voice of America. Had pretensions of being "independent", but featured mostly second-string far-right hacks.

Sounds like there might be a Kevin Klose connection.

Anonymous said...

"sort of NPR on steroids"

Hmm, so much for my analogy of NoPR as Fox News with an estrogen shot...

Porter Melmoth said...

Looks like those who get squeezed out of the Naturally Putrid Radio pustule due to cruel cutbacks can find safe haven at 'America Abroad' (a nice 'n proper easily digested imperialistic title). Miss Debbie's there, and Elizabeth I-Had-To-Take-A-Few-Years-Off-To-Find-Myself-But-I-Found-I-Wasn't-Really-An-Eco-babe-After-All Arnold, and the always suave Ray Suavez. A very large chair is being prepped there for Adenoid Andrayhorse C-brook, I should think.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Both the USer CIA and Mossad worked to help strengthen Hamas when they were trying to break the back of Arafat and Fateh....