Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Go Slow Gitmo

Tonight on ATC a virtual repeat piece from back in November, including the expert opinions of Scott Silliman again. Look at this report from the Detroit Free Press; there are a lot of experts with similar backgrounds as Silliman who want Bush administration officials investigated for war crimes - but not Silliman (sounds like a ticket to the NPR studio to me).

You can take look at the comments under the web posting of the report to see what I contributed there regarding Silliman's rather unique views on dangerousness and evidence.

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Anonymous said...

There will be no investigation of Bush officials because Obama has just said as much with his "we intend to look to the future rather than to the past" statement.

I wonder if the German's said the same about Hitler. Prolly.

He's not even in office yet and we are already seeing the real Obama, folks and he looks nothing like the guy we elected -- and even less like the guy who campaigned for President.

Obama has some gall if he thinks his election was a mandate to excuse crimes committed by the Bush administration.