Thursday, January 01, 2009

Targets and Goals

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On Wednesday morning Steve Inskeep displayed the extent of his woeful ignorance (or stupidity). He was interviewing Mustafa Barghouti, an independent lawmaker in the West Bank city of Ramallah and asked the following question:
"There was a ceasefire in Gaza for months. It expired, as you know, and then Hamas began firing rockets into Israel knowing there might be a harsh Israeli response. Why did Hamas do that?"
One has to love Mr. Barghouti's reply:
"No sir, I think what you have described is the Israeli narrative and it's not correct..."
Barghouti then patiently explained how throughout the ceasefire Israel tightened its total blockade and committed a violent and flagrant violation of the ceasefire toward the end.

Unfortunately, nothing seems to penetrate the pro-IDF bubble in which Inskeep operates. During a discussion with Mike Shuster this morning he says,
"As they begin to run out of new targets to hit...are the Israelis any closer to their goal which is to stop rocket fire from coming out of Gaza into Israel?"
You could spend a lot of time unpacking such a statement. Who says the goal of the Israelis is to stop rocket fire coming out of Gaza? What rockets were driving Israel's ghettoization and utter destruction of a Gaza when rockets weren't being fired?

And targets? Since when do mosques, police stations, homes, and thousands of wounded and killed civilians count as "targets"? The whole of Schuster and Inskeep's talk is riddled with the use of the "target" euphemism and claims based solely on Israeli Defense Forces statements:
  • Inkseep: "Israeli jets struck multiple targets including the Palestinian Parliament building in Gaza City. Israeli naval forces also fired at targets inside the territory."
  • Shuster: "Israeli airstrikes on tunnels...where Israel says Hamas has been smuggling in weapons....the Israelis targeted what they called a weapons manufacturing and storage facility in central Gaza. The Israeli navy has gotten into the operation with ships off the coast hitting Hamas coastal outposts and rocket launching spots according to the Israeli Defense Force....500 sorties by warplanes against targets in Gaza...hundreds more carried out by helicopter...looks like Israel is beginning to run out of new targets to hit."
Shuster and Inskeep aren't the only ones at NPR using the vague "target" language. I hear about "Hamas targets" almost anytime I catch one of NPR's hourly updates. Why not just state the fact that the whole of Gaza is being targeted by both bombardment and the blockade of basic necessities such as food, fuel and medicine?


Anonymous said...

I love it when Inskeep interviews people who are much smarter than he is -- which is most of the time.

He comes across as a complete idiot and the funniest part is that he does not even realize he is being made the fool.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Inskeep is a fool. He's a tool. There's a difference.

Anonymous said...

O'Reilley is a tool.

Inskeep is a fool.

Anonymous said...

here's a report (from the Guardian, UK) you won't see on NPR (or most other MSM in the US, for that matter)

'Eight civilians killed' in surgical strike on truck

When videos of "kills" are played on the news and in this case UTube, an iimediate red flag should go up in your mind.

During the first Gulf war, the DOD did this incessantly with the patriot missile "kills" on scud missiles.

They were claiming that a high percentage of patriots had hit and destroyed their intended targets.

...only to be forced to admit later that the vast majority of the kills were not kills at all.

MIT Physicist Ted Postol analyzed the very same videos that were broadcast on TV and determined that most of the patriot missiles actually missed their targets!

his analysis forced a retraction by DOD. To add insult to the DOD injury, an analysis by the Israeli military determined that the patriot missiles actually made things worse.

It would appear that bragging about kills with video footage may not be the brightest thing to do.

Insert foot in mouth.