Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Are We Stimulated Yet?

There is a Santa Claus! NPR is in the gifting mode, handing out airtime to yackers from the Grand Old Party (Republicans that is) - and a reader of this blog, "Grumpy Demo" from Dallas, was so kind as to do a bit of analysis of NPR's big tilt toward Republican talking heads in it's economic coverage of late. Here's what Grumpy sent me:

In Reporting On White House Economic Stimulus Package, NPR Interviews Six GOP Congressmen For Every Democrat
Based on NPR’s own data, NPR demonstrated a preference for Republican members of Congress in its reporting on President Obama’s Economic Stimulus Package. A review of NPR’s “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered” broadcast records for the month ending February 3, 2008 indicates in the 50 stories on the stimulus, NPR interviewed and quoted 12 GOP Congresspersons, while only quoting 2 Democrats. Numerous polls show that a majority of Americas support the White House’s stimulus package.
When viewed in context - that NPR’s sole Washington news analyst is FOX News’ employee and O’Reilly Factor guest host, Juan Williams, combined with numerous interviews with Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, American Enterprise Institute, and National Review pundits, with no members of the progressive movement given equal time - NPR demonstrates a clear and unambiguous conservative bias in its reporting. Additionally, during this same period no White House spokesperson was interviewed or quoted by NPR.

Search Data listed below:

Month Ending February 3,2008
Total Stories: 50
Congressmen Interviewed, Quoted: 14
GOP Congressmen: 12
Democratic Congressmen: 2
White House Spokesmen: 0

Morning Edition
  • 01/07/09 Oakley D-WI
  • 01/19/09 Gingrich R-GAx
  • 01/22/09 Roehmer R-TN
  • 01/25/09 Cantor R-VA
  • 01/20/09 Pence R-I
All Things Considered
  • 01/06/09 Hoyer D-MD
  • 01/15/09 Cantor R-VA
  • 01/20/09 Pence R-IN
  • 01/26/09 Grassley R-IW
  • 01/27/09 Camp R-MI,Simpson R-ID01/29/09 Gerlach R-PA,Davis RNC,Camp R-MI
Search Links:

(Reporter: Grumpy Demo, please distribute as you see fit.)


Anonymous said...

Woo wee! This needs to be made a sticky!

Or at least, one-stop clicking whenever one better in the know is confronted with an ignorant trog who blathers how liberal NoPR is.

Hear that rumble? Our numbers are growing...


Anonymous said...

Nice work, Grumpy Demo!
-Juan Ensalada

Madison Wilburs said...

Here is a comment posted on that is typical of what is being written there today: "
What a joke! But thank you for once again putting NPR's bias on display." As if the Heritage Foundation is biased to the left! People have heard for so long about pinko NPR that few have noticed the changes.
--Sir Arrogant

masbrow said...

Good Work Grumpy Demo and Mytwords!

Anonymous said...

The mayors are for it, the governors are for it, hell even the engineers just came out strongly for passing the stimulus. But NPR just shills up the stupid.

Porter Melmoth said...

It's all part of NPR's grand strategy to infiltrate the 'thinking classes' and by doing so, subliminally convert them to Neocon beliefs. I couldn't be more serious, folks.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

I'm sure the independent, fearless, objective, fair and balanced NPR Ombudsone will do something to rectify the imbalance, right???

I mean, she's been informed of this and, when she recovers from her shock, she'll DO something, right?


Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Oh, yeah...somebody please provide a linkee to Grumpy Demo...


Anonymous said...

Here lieth Ye Grumpy Blackadder:

... and the Mightiest of Myts!:

... and hey! While you're there, check out my cwute widdle repurposed avatar! (better not post with it too much, I might get in twubble....):

Porter Melmoth said...

Quality purposeful hilarity, 8-Ball-Buster!

Anonymous said...

Quick note: "01/19/09 Gingrich D-GAx" should be corrected to "Gingrich R-GAx."

Keep up the good work! The news media need to know that the public is monitoring them closely for just this kind of soft bias.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Grumpy and MYTwords.


Anonymous said...

(snicker) Thank ya for the approval, Port. Pretty wicked, 'innit?

Feel free to lift it for anywhere ya please.

Anonymous said...

"I'm sure the independent, fearless, objective, fair and balanced NPR Ombudsone will do something to rectify the imbalance, right???"

That would require acting like a REAL (as opposed to "Fox") ombudsman for her $150k salary.

I doubt that was in the contract...


Thanks all for the kind, words.
I don't think NPR understand that their web search function is a great tool.

Glad to contribute,

aka Grumpy Demo