Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hoisted by His Own Petard

Steve Inskeep arriving at the airport in far away Tehran had a big insight:
"I regretted abandoning them [three books about Iran] as soon as my turn came in line, because my bags weren't searched after all. That's the genius of certain governments: They get you to censor yourself."
Oh my God! Imagine censoring yourself so as not to offend those in power!


Porter Melmoth said...

I heard this segment - by mistake. It was representative of everything I can't stand about NPR. I won't bother to pick it apart myself - it's not worth anyone's time.

I think to myself, this is like trying to comment intelligently and reasonably on Ann Coulter or some similar thing. The provocative burr under the saddle is there, but the resulting substance is just too silly and worthless to believe.

Believe me, folks, there are much better ways by which to consider contemporary Iran than through the idiotic spectrum of NPR's puke-making purview.

The erotica of a New Colder War is a strong seduction for an erroneous entity like NPR. In it they find purpose, fulfillment, profit.

Here's Inskreep, sounding like a bumbling 'everyman' tourist, then he tries to be Thomas mucking-Paine, or someone, complete with a snotty flourish at the end – his attempt at a firebrand moment!

NPR becomes worse and worse with each day (and I've been refreshed from my furlough away from it), while my disgust for it remains intact.

RepubLiecan said...

I'm still waiting for NPR's piece on the coached military retirees sent out to media outlets to disperse the Pentagon's message. Doesn't NPR rely heavily upon these guys for analysis on all things defense related?

Anonymous said...

Did inskreep visit any cemetaries while in Iran? Did he talk about the rows and rows of graves of young me, each with the picture of the departed alongside that of the ayatollah who sent them to their deaths? A million lost lives, a lost generation, all because of a war egged on by don rumsfeld and ron reagan. Did inskreep talk about the religious monument surrounded by a fence where people are supposed to insert money, but where they actually deposit human excrement?

Porter Melmoth said...

And I notice that Inskreep was actually allowed into Iran, he could go where he wanted, talked to a bunch of people, was allowed out, got safely home, and is now allowed to deliver his badmouthing without any fatwas being issued. Of course, he's an advocate for 'the Iranian people' now, so he's taking the high road, as usual.

I wonder if Little Steven knows that there was ever actually a Shah of Iran. No reference to the ruler who set the trends for Iran's current issues.

Books on Iran written by exiles should be taken in carefully measured doses. Most Cuban exiles have it out for Castro, but they were in Cuba a long time ago. The same applies to Iran, I should think.


Beware, the NPR search feature is addictive! I don't think NPR has realized the power, or maybe they have notice in the broadcasts they ignore the commenters.

Excellent points, don't think it will stop ATC and ME continued slide into "FOX and Friends" format.

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks, y'all, for enduring what I'm too timid to do - staying tuned!

It's like I always say - "Rather read it from you than hear it from them!"

Life As I Know It Now said...

absolutely--you do us a public service by subjecting yourself to this drivel. I just can't stand it and rarely listen anymore.