Monday, February 23, 2009

Morning Edition in America


Kevan Smith said...


Hubertg said...

Ridiculous comparison...could have done this story with any two presidents in history. Not only that, it may have been 'harsh' for Reagan, but Obama is dealing with a meltdown that is considerably more significant.

I would rather know what the Tamil Tigers are up to,..where's the beef ??

Unknown said...

They love their little "hooks," don't they? The hallmark of an NPR analysis is that it need only be cute, not perceptive.

Anonymous said...

Gonyea should have been fired a LONG LONG time ago.

He's an absolute disgrace to journalism.

That guy does not even TRY to hide his pro-Republican bias.

His pandering to Bush over the past 8 years was simply disgusting.

Reagan oversaw a bad recession but it was largely of his own making (though he tried to blame it on Carter.)

And the irony in Gonyea's statement is killing me: "Reagan then laid out his prescription: a four-point plan that would slash government spending, cut taxes, relax government regulations and use monetary policy to right inflation."

Slash government spending and cut taxes?

Reagan oversaw some of the biggest budget deficits to date and ran up the national debt by 2 trillion (from 1 trillion to 3).

The yearly budget deficit as a percentage of GDP went from about 34% under Carter to 55% under Reagan (at the end of his term).

"Relax government regulations and use monetary policy to right inflation."?


We all know how THAT turned out.

The deregulation frenzy that was begun under Reagan and continued under Bush Senior, Clinton and then Jr was, more than anything else, directly responsible for the current economic mess.

It took 20 years, but Reagan's legacy has finally caught up with us.

Gonyea's "hero" (Reagan) basically set the stage for the disaster we are now witnessing.

of course, Gonyea is not smart enough to see that -- nor would he ever admit it even if he were.