Sunday, February 01, 2009

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NPR related comments welcomed.


Hubertg said...

Thanks to MYTWORDS I have a new term to add to my vocabulary.."predatory globalization" ..which will fit nicely into conversations and sentences with "Economic Hitmen".
Thomas Friedman promotes Globalization and the NWO as the road to harmonious global living, but fails to mention the oppression, death, ecological disasters, war, stolen natural resources, usurpation of foreign governments with unserviceable debt, and all the rest of the ugly stuff that goes with this 'wonderful' new way of going about world salvation. Globalization may sound good when it is being sold, but I haven't seen any good come out of it yet.

Madison Wilburs said...

Interesting. What I have been able to glean from the meeting of economic gurus in Switzerland is that we must avoid tariffs and other impediments to globalization AT ALL COSTS! I wonder where locavorism and other movements back to small-scale, local economies fit in with this? What if we taxed the daylights out of, say, everything in the dollar store. Would people find a way to live without all of that plastic, breakable, unnecessary junk?

Anonymous said...

What's with this movie 'slum dog millionaire'? I've heard at least 5 pieces on it in the last 2 days. It's as if mgt. at npr has just discovered payola.

Anonymous said...

Re: Insqueak
(Sorry: I meant this for this thread, but stuck it in the one below by mistake)...

Why is Insqueak 'reporting' from Iran? Are they so desperate to boost his 'credibility,' to give him some (much needed) bona fides?

What makes him a 'reliable' source?

Does he speak Farsi? Arabic?

Has he studied Iran carefully from afar, in school? He has an advanced degree in Middle East or Persian Studies?

Has he ever even slept with an Iranian girl (or boy)?

No? Then why is he on my radio today?

Duh: Insqueak is there because he'll reliably slant the reports to support the USer agenda...

Anonymous said...

Cokie, doing her usual today.

She and her husband are a couple of propagandists of the highest order.

Porter Melmoth said...

Two items, two bandwagons to hop on:

- NPR definitely wants a piece of the 'Slumdog' action. NPRadicals are also trying to link the Mum/Bombay attacks with 9/11, so as to get some erectile mileage for dark Neocon purposes. Also, any film dealing with urban India is still decidedly 'exotic' - something for delicate NPR to still say 'oh, ick!' about, especially if the word 'slum' is involved.

- Inscreak of I-ran! Ever the egotist, Stevie wants to prove he can tackle the Nation of Antichrists BEFORE Obama hobnobs with A-jad. The hell with qualifications, he just wants to show his future employer (Fox), that he can do da Big Stuff. Maybe his Inssqueakings will get Murdoch's attention, so that he can achieve his ultimate dream: to sit in glory as a Friend of Fox. (His 'reports' are boring, by the way...)

Anonymous said...


I live in Denver, CO and may attend this event. Let me know if anyone has any choice words or questions for d-bag Tom Friedman.

-Juan Ensalada


Thomas Friedman to speak at CUNew York Times columnist to discuss new book at Macky appearance
Colorado Daily
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BOULDER, Colo. — The University of Colorado's Distinguished Speakers Board brings New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman to the Boulder campus next month to discuss his latest book, "Hot Flat and Crowded."

Friedman will speak at Macky Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 16; afterward, he will sign copies of the book in the Humanities building.

Tickets are $1 for students with CU BuffOne Cards at the University Memorial Center Connection. Tickets for the general public are $10 and are available at the Connection or area King Soopers stores.

Porter Melmoth said...

Wow - what to ask Fried Green Tom! The Dr. Phil of current events, the Judge Judy of public conscience! He's the epitome of pop culture in search of a 'thinking' voice. Only within America's commercialism could such a mediocre mind reach star status. I would therefore ask the great sage: 'How much pornographic or prostituting activity did you have to do to achieve your current pundit guy gig, and with so little substance to offer?'

What's even more hard to bear is when others who should know better quote Friedman, as if he's the only reliable wise man around. About all he's good for is to share mustache grooming tips with Dr. Phil.

PS: Concerning Inskreep in Iran. I can just imagine Tehran right now - bursting with Inskreepy American journo dumbos, ready to conquer the scoop of the next Chamberlain/Munich moment they so long for.

Anonymous said...

Tom Friedman, "The Mustache of Wisdom."

Hubertg said...
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Hubertg said...

Poor Thomas...another "expert" that just doesn't know any better ?
I wonder if Charlie Rose pays him to come on his show. When I think of Mr. Freidman I get visions of Illuminati Rothschild type stuff that sends NWO Soylent Green shivers down my spine. But hey,.that's just me.

Anonymous said...

I would expect the friedman questions to be pre-screened.
On another note, I happened to be driving in the NYC area on Monday and caught part of a show "Tell Me More' on WNYC; host Michelle Martin. She had michael steele as guest, and she beat him up handily, made him STFU until she had finished talking. I was quite impressed with Martin's passion and attention to the facts. She's what I used to expect from npr.

Anonymous said...

"I would expect the friedman questions to be pre-screened."

Of course. Otherwise, he might actually have to answer some real questions.

friedman is wildly popular with the "Compassionate Conservative" crowd.

My parents (in their late 70's) think his wisdom is second only to that of God (maybe even first on some things).

He says all the right things to make people believe that he is "unbiased".

it's the old myth that if a person says things that offend both Conservatives and Liberals part of the time, they must be doing something right.

That is also the typical excuse given by NPR when people criticize them: he, we get criticism from both sides, so we must be unbiased, right?

Anonymous said...

"Hot Flat and Crowded."

Change "Flat' to "Fat" and it will fit the "news" pundit circuit in this country to a T (of which Friedman is an integral part, of course): Full of hot air, fat and far too numerous.

Anonymous said...

U.S. Officials: Al-Qaida Leadership Cadre 'Decimate', by Tom Gjelten. The poisonous NPR propaganda continues on ME today.

Porter Melmoth said...

OK, reports are starting to filter in from that distant death-star Iran - I think I'm picking up Inskreep the Intrepid - the signal is weak, but yes, he's coming through - for all of US, loud and clear now...

The problem with Inskreep the Propagandist is that he's really not very skilled at all in pulling the wool over us. His voice is thinner than Tom Cruise's, his techniques make Bill Kristol's look spectacular. (Sorry Steve, Rupert will probably never call...)

Yet, there he is, out in the field, capturing what it's like to live under tyranny in Iran. That IS the mission, isn't it? You know, to hear the cry of the People so that Obama & Co. will roar in to save them.

The problem is, no matter how much turbo-effort Inskreep puts into his segments, he still can't distinguish the forest for the corridors of NPR HQ. Just because the big wide world isn't like his own comfort zone, it must be wrong.

This morning he struck gold when he showcased a little old lady in tehran who decided to 'speak up' (after handed a few Ben Franklins? No, Andy Jacksons. OK, I'll can the cynical assumptions!). Anyway, the lady showed Stevie her horrible apartment. Proof positive of Iran's repressive regime. We as listeners are supposed to rise up with a 'This Will Not Stand! (TM) outburst.

Yes, I hope the old lady's life improves, but the principle reason why Inskreep botches stories like these is that the same situation could be profiled in Seoul or Buenos Aires, or London or New York, or Newark ... or New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

In all the years past I have never once heard NPR make reference to the 1953 US and British orchestrated coup d'etat which overthrow Iran's democratically elected government.

Hate to ask (since I am not currently listening to their annoying dreck), have they had *anything* on it these past few days?

Anonymous said...

War-Off: I heard mention a few years ago on a good segment, where it was also brought up that the CIA, acting on abehalf of BP overthrew the government of Iran after the brits failed. And soon after that the government of Guatemala. In the last couple of weeks thay mentioned Iranian anger towards the U.S. because of the CIA overthrow, and they mentioned Ahmadinijad's demand for an apology for the action.
What I've never heard is any kind of explanation of what we did in Haiti during bush's first term.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, larry.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when NPR will have a guest on that expresses such "revolutionary zeal" against a corrupt, exploitive, Capitalist society like America. It seems like they consider anyone with a grievance against certain governments (Iran and Venezuela at the top of the list) gets air-time but critics of America seem limited to Cheney and Mikey O'Hanlon.