Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


Juan "Toss" Ensalada said...

Steve Increep gets busted by a commenter on this interview with Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack. But hey, what does a guy who grew up in Carmel, Indiana know about farming, right?

Comment: "Twice in his interview Steve said that Secretary Vilsack faces heavy criticism for trying to cut farm subsidies. Never once did he say who were the critics: did he mean the huge agribusiness corporations, who have dominated farm policy for years? Surely the critics are not the average taxpayer or consumer--for years we have seen our dollars go to benefit these undeserving megafarmers. Let's give Vilsack a chance to overhaul farm policy!"

Porter Melmoth said...

Perhaps looking down the road for when his pink slip arrives (we can only hope), Lil' Scottie, the Simonized Sermonizer, has hit the lucrative lecture circuit. Get a load of the title of his Gong Show act (no joke): "Leaping From Journalism Into Fiction: Making It Up Is Hard"

geoff said...

Porter: Simon says, "I am the annoying music of public commentary, so do right and preempt terror by murder and mayhem, thank you very much. No, you're too kind. Ha ha ha. No, really, blah blah blah."

Anonymous said...


(wiggles whiskers wryly)

Porter Melmoth said...

The Blob and the Bob

I noticed that Blob Siegel was on best behavior when 'questioning' Bob Gates yesterday. The supercool masters of the uNPR universe always act pretty nonchalant when interviewing a VVIP - as if it's no big deal. And Gates, to his credit, didn't seem to think that Blob was too formidable either. Now I don't trust Gates further than I could spit in a hurricane, but his answers to Blob were about as non-Don Rummyfeld as you can get, which left the Blob with very little to toy with. Reflecting Ancient Mariner Schorr's 'those withdrawal dates don't mean anything', Blob tried to get a little 'controversial' with Gates, but Gates didn't bite. So the great Sage of ATC was left to pick over the sorry-ass remains and waddle offstage, to make way for the latest installment in the What Woodpecker REALLY Inspired Walter Lantz To Create Woody Woodpecker? saga. Poor little Blobby.

(That birdwatcher who blathered smugly on the woodpecker subject was a classic distillation of the model uNPR-oid - enough to curl your eyeteeth. I only had the radio on because I was replacing a counter top, and I was too lazy to put a CD on. Stupid, stupid me.)