Monday, March 16, 2009

Q Tips

NPR related comments are welcomed and encouraged.


Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

We have recently acquired The Diane Rehm Show to replace Day-to-Day in the morning talk line-up.

I hadn't heard her since leaving Norman, Ok, almost 10 years ago. In Norman, she was regarded as 'cutting-edge.'

But I was not surprised, upon hearing her once again, today, that she is STILL the Queen of the Obvious, and the diva of the Status Quo...

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, Woody, although I will give her credit for pure intentions, unlike certain other NPR talk hosts. The booking -- lotsa right wing pundits and tank-thinkers -- is pretty awful, though.

While not "deep," Diane is curious and doesn't have an agenda that I know of. In NPR Land, that makes her, relatively speaking, a treasure.

Porter Melmoth said...

With the NPR talk shows, I figure I have to be extremely selective. That's why for me, the days of just turning on On Point or Freshaire are long gone. It's the podcast route for me now, so I can select the shows that are of interest, or worth criticizing (!), and chuck the rest.

I figure that if I'm putting myself at risk by being subject to NPR's version of the world, I'd damn well better keep my editing skills sharp. Otherwise the rot factor becomes insidious.

I'm not a regular Diane R. visitor, but like On Point, at least there seems a greater variety of guests and speaking opportunities than the hardass NPR centrally-controlled shows.

Hubertg said...

I wonder why NPR hasn't come up with some names on who got those AIG bonus bucks.

Hubertg said...

I did not use foul language, name-calling, or anything 'bad', and it appears that my description of the circumstances in Pakistan were either too far left, too accurate(?) or maybe both, or lord knows what ?!...they (NPR)pulled the comment....very, very strange indeed. Weird.

Anonymous said...

NPR politico talk had become UNLISTENABLE!

Shouldn't NPR be required to provide barf bags for the several listeners that still listen to their scripted verbal drivel?

I've tried but I just can't listen any longer.

This is HanD Solo signing off!

I still contribute as our local NPR station as it airs mucho j'ass and Blues. Plus a recent addition . . . a FUNK Show! In certain parallel universes George Clinton is considered a genius!

Mytwords said...

Hubertg [and others],
If you are posting comments on NPR's site and feel up to it, post them then copy and paste them in a Word document. If you think they were deleted for political content send them my way. I'll be glad to repost them.
I've started doing that since one of my posts disappeared and I had no copy of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, and don't you DARE offend their music people with an unfavorable or critical comment! They're rilly, rilly thenthitive (that'th a lithp).

Those XPN-sanctioned droney singer-songwriters are sure happenin' alright... (zzzzz)

Anonymous said...

Here at WHYYland (Home of the Nutter for Mayor Campaign) we are being deluged with new shows. d2d becomes Tell Me More, News and Notes (on a week long orgy of self-satisfaction - including a guest appearance by Ron Christie for a plug) is going to become another people of color audience seeker (NPR needs to have at least one). And two others which are so good that their names escape me at the moment.

There was a show called Selected Shorts which I would have been willing to pay the $1/week for but they killed it. And even Harry Shearer has begun to slack off.