Saturday, June 20, 2009

Irony (and History) Is Dead at NPR

On Saturday's ATC Guy Raz held a friendly with John Negroponte to see what he thought about the US joining the UN Human Rights Council. Negroponte told Raz
  • "No matter how repugnant some of these organizations or behaviors might be, we're probably better served in an international organization by participating..."
  • "I think the leadership...are from countries that have good human rights records..."
Raz added his own skepticism noting that it barely approved monitors for Darfur and "it's already withdrawn human rights monitors from places like Cuba and Belarus. Can the council really be taken seriously if, as some have argued, many of it's decisions are simply political?"

Has Raz ever heard of irony, or for that matter Google? All one has to do it Google "Negroponte human rights" and voila! you get a whole assortment of interesting information about Negroponte's lifelong journey through the dark side. During the report Raz tells us that John Negroponte was "former US Ambassador to Iraq and UN, former director of National Intelligence, and most recently Deputy Secretary of State under the Bush Administration" but - dang! - he somehow failed to mention Negroponte's gig in Honduras from 1981 to 1985. That's odd because there's a lot of information out there about it. Let's see he's got his own special file at the National Security Archive, a nice long newspaper article in the Baltimore Sun, a virtual dossier of articles at In These Times, attention from The Nation and The Progressive, and even a film about his time there.

But really, who needs to know that Negroponte was running cover for an infamous Honduran death squad (Battalion 316) and paling around with death squad leader General Gustavo Alvarez when all he's on to talk about is the effectiveness of a UN human rights council? Besides that was so long ago, and after his tenure in Iraq there's no indication that the US had created death squads like the ones Negroponte helped operate in Honduras...or is there?


Anonymous said...

It was Inskeep's coverage of the Negroponte appointment to Viceroy of Iraq that it became utterly unambiguous to me that NPR had become entirely an agent of government propaganda. I must confess the whole mess of the Bush error is getting mixed up in my head. Wasn't Negroponte appointed after the fiasco of Giuliani protoge (and nymphalid butterfly) Bernard Kerik made such a hash of the job? And the same two characters were nominated to be head of "Homeland" Security?

Remember the picture of Negroponte at the UN with Guernica in the back and how the tapestry had to be curtained off? And remember when the lot of them were all tied up in silly string and hung in ridicule at the Washington monument and MSM figures came and had a public chuckle about it?

Anonymous said...

On Saturday's ATC Guy Raz held a friendly with John Negroponte to see what he thought about the US joining the UN Human Rights Council.

held a friendly .... ????

group grope ??? nun slaughter ??? human rights violation ???