Sunday, June 14, 2009

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


janeform said...

Story on health care reform this morning. "Reporter" referred to the public option as "the most left-wing, if you will." Very little description of what the policy actually is. Follow-on report on lack of health care insurance in rural areas, with emphasis on small businesses, which started out well with stories of families with no or little insurance and their fear of getting sick and losing their businesses and homes. Wrap-up was: Jane and Joe Smith (don't remember their names) don't want government running health care; organic farmer thinks "socialized medicine" (those are the words of the reporter, not the farmer) is ok. Again, no reporting on what the options are, just anti public-option rhetoric.

Timothy Cornell said...

The same story referred to Medicare, as in, "is able to qualify for Medicare", without using the loaded term, "socialized medicine" to describe that popular government program.