Thursday, June 25, 2009

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


Geroge said...

uggghhh. More of the same from NPR this AM.

In a story about Gov. Sanford, we're told that hey, it's really just sad, and besides, he didn't wag his finger at anyone.

No mention or discussion of the fact that this charlatan lied about his location, and left the state of South Carolina without its governor while he was down in Argentina with his lady friend.

Going by NPR's analysis, and Governor Sanford will be just fine...why not, It's OK if you are a Republican.

Thanks for the great analysis NPR-- once again you've failed miserably, and you seem to think most of us just won't notice (and if we call you on it, you'll just ignore us anyways).

Porter Melmoth said...

Yes indeed, NPR, like the Neocon Consortium (my generic term for all things suspicious these days) relies on collective amnesia and/or consumer apathy to automatically achieve the damage control they need to cover up their gaffes/disasters. Because radio is not nearly such a 'memorable' medium as print, internet, TV, NPR relies on a lot of leeway to employ cover-ups that make Watergate look like a garden party. Yet, with the flaming evidence of their web-based statements, NPR has sealed their own fate. If they hadn't been such dumbos and spelled out their intentions for all to read, and had only made a audio commentary out of it, their foot wouldn't have a bullet hole in it now.

In another universe, NPR would be ripe for Murdoch to pick it up right now for a song. But this is here and now. Nurdoch ain't in too good a shape, and NPR's still rumbling on with its deception machine pretty much intact.

Porter Melmoth said...

I heard a bit with Dr. Blob Siegel, PhD yesterday in which he considered the personality of Iran's Mousavi.

It's rerun season:

Mousavi=Ahmed Chalabi (the 'promising' candidate for a 'free' Iraq')


Cheap, but handy. Talk about collective amnesia.

Anonymous said...

Hey, left my iPod at home today, and while shuffling through the FM dial on my commute, learned that my local affiliate, WUNC is having a pledge drive.

Why, they just had one like two months ago. It seems there advertis... er, um, 'Corporate Sponsors' are scaling back.

I'm tempted to call them and ask them why I should contribute to an organization who employs Juan Williams and Cokie Roberts and uses Pentagon-euphamisms to whitewash morally depraved state sanctioned acts...

Unknown said...

In the Sandford Story, NPR played the "both sides are equally bad" game... and then mentioned Sanford and 4 GOP Congressmen who've been busted over the last 3 years.

They "balanced" that with Eliot Spitzer, Jim McGreevey, and John Edwards - two governors and a non-office holder.

And of course there's really no consideration for the fact that it's the GOP that's the party pushing hostile legislation in the name of "family values."

geoff said...


This from Josh Marshall today:

But there's just no denying that in the sex scandal derby Republicans are leaving Dems in the dust. Let's run through the recent list -- Foley, Craig, Vitter, Ensign, Sanford, Gibbons, Fossella, just to hit a few of the highlights. Who'm I missing?

As for Spitzer, that sure looks like payback from Wall St. Here's a quote from an AP article:

A person familiar with the investigation told The Associated Press that the probe began with a referral from banks to an Internal Revenue Service office on Long Island about suspicious transactions involving accounts ultimately traced to Spitzer. The IRS studied the records and then referred the case to federal prosecutors in October. It was then assigned to the public corruption unit of the federal prosecutor's office in Manhattan.

The precise details of what set off alarm bells for federal
authorities are still unclear.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

I mean, it's not like South Caroline actually NEEDS a governor, is it?

"Keeping the Negroes down" can be done by anybody with a badge and taser.

George said...

Woody, you got me there. Great comment.

Unknown said...

And today, NPR said that Bush and Germany's leader, Angela Merkel, got on and really really liked each other - and she didn't mind the backrub - but Merkel doesn't like Obama...

Oh, please... just go back and look at the photos... Most of the time she's looking at Bush it's with a combination of pity and horror... He was such a lightweight, compared to many other world leaders.

Anonymous said...

NPR said that Bush and Germany's leader, Angela Merkel, got on and really really liked each other - and she didn't mind the backrub - but Merkel doesn't like Obama...""

yes, of course, it's the Nazi racism thing, like Hitler's repugnance toward the participation of Jesse Owens in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Everyone knows a German leader would sooner cozy up to a war criminal than a black man and day of the week. That's a no brainer.

NPR sure knows how to push people's prejudice and fear buttons, that is for sure.

WarOnWarOff said...

Oooh, lookey. Is NPR trying to redeem itself now by focusing on the "health care" lobby vultures?

Cougarhutch said...

Hello everyone- my first post here.

I was also surprised to learn that Merkel and Bush were chums.

Not only did it not look that way among progressive bloggers, I don't think their relationship was being portrayed that way in the press.

Anyone with nexus/lexus want to search for Bush Merkel Chummy?

Or Bush Merkel Cozy?

But the inflation angle is big right now. It's got to be something to scare folks- how about 1,000% inflation?

Who writes these scripts, anyway?

The Boss of You said...

I commented on the Merkel stuff on the new post, but thanks for mentioning the health care lobby vultures. This morning's interview was appaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllling.

Anonymous said...

Who writes these [NPR] scripts, anyway?

Paul Woefulwitz?

Richard (Black) Perle?

Larry "Endless" Summers?

Tim "sweep it under the rug" Geithner?

Dick Cheney? (no name modification necessary)

Barak "Mountains of change for the bankers" Obama?

The Boss of You said...

Here's the interview I was referring to:

The Boss of You said...

Anonymous, don't forget Chip Kahn.

Anonymous said...

Is NPR trying to redeem itself now by focusing on the "health care" lobby vultures?"

This is actually NPR's modus operandi .

They cover things after the fact when there is no longer any chance that public pressure will have any effect on the outcome.

And yes, they do it merely to cover their own ass, ie, to give the appearance of "balance".

With propaganda timing is everything.

Anonymous said...

NPR's Adam Davidson did a piece not too long ago on a SIFMA conference in which he talked about attendees who were "giddy" about the idea of throwing out all the old "ineffective" regulations and starting with a blank slate.
Davidson actually sounds almost as giddy as the people he was covering.

What Davidson did not mention was that SIFMA (Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association) is a group who have led a recent campaign to, as Daniel Schulman writes (see below) quell the upsurge of "populist" anger directed at the financial sector. "

"Guess Who's Selling Wall Street's Bull?"
Hint: He was a Bush aide who cooked up a phony pitch for the Iraq War.

by Daniel Schulman

The strategic communications specialist advising a financial industry effort to enhance Wall Street's image has plenty of experience in spinning the American public: In the Bush White House, he was one of the aides in charge of the administration's fact-bending campaign to sell the Iraq War.

Bloomberg reported on Thursday that Jim Wilkinson, a one-time senior aide to former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, is part of a campaign, spearheaded by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA), to quell the upsurge of "populist" anger directed at the financial sector. But the story leaves out an important part of his résumé: He's a GOP PR operative with a history of disseminating misleading information and once served as the deputy communications director in the Bush White House.