Saturday, July 11, 2009

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


geoff said...

Scott (moist flushable wipe) Simon's sickening treacly condescension to tourists was bracketed by discussions of (1) Tanya Tucker (2) the Sony Walkman and (3) the moon landing.

As far as news goes, we have Schorr telling us, from his sweeping nonagenarian perspective, that the scandal of CIA lying to Congress will "come and it will go." The problem being that if the CIA were to tell Congress what they were up to, Congress might leak it and that would ruin it. So oversight is not really practical. Oh, and McNamara was a great manager but not a very good philosopher. Huh?

Anonymous said...

I just saw the following comment exchange on the Common dreams blog after the Ralph Nader piece on why single payer health care ain't gonna happen under Obama or any Democrat, for that matter.

I had to share it because it pretty much describes NPR to a T as well:

First Commenter:
"Would be nice if Obama had some cohones...."

Second Commenter in Response:

"Oh, he's got some. They're goldman sacks."

Even if that was a setup, it's still pretty funny -- and right on the money, unfortunately.

It seems that Goldman has its hands on all our sacks (of money, of course)

geoff said...

Anon - To quote saggyboobedhag (who ought to know (and yes I go slumming around there for comic relief)) when David Brooks was recently on cable news complaining about senators groping his inner thigh,

I’m thinkin’ that Senator held your thigh all night because he knew he had your career by the balls.

Looks like the health care legislation is going to be held hostage by a HMO/MSM/US Senate circle jerk.

On the brighter side, Moyers is still shining a light.

biig!piink!fuuzzy!buunny! said...

Ewwwwww, hot Congressional knee petting enacted on the Bobo Who Was Always Wrong About Everything (next to Bill Kristol) - way too much information than what I care to handle at the moment.

And oh yes, I caught Mr. M's Journal last evening - why can't, say, Gwen Ifill or Jim Lehrer be as grounded & forthright as he? I was nearly bowing down to him as he closed his program there.

RepubLiecan said...

A while back I stopped thinking of Daniel Schorr's appearances as analysis, but more of a test to see if he even recalls hearing about the events the Sirmonizer tosses out for him to comment on.

And for his appearance NPR has to counter with a right wing talking head, to be fair and balanced, of course.