Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shepard Spottings?

Did anyone get a chance to attend Shepard's presentation at the Newseum? Please contact me if so. BTW, you can watch Shepard in action with some US and international high school students as she explains/complains about her torturous torture contortions.


Kevan Smith said...

"The loneliest job in the newsroom."

Yeah, she must be feeling hung out to dry by now.

I predict: NPR will change its policy if and only if Holder's torture investigations start bearing fruit.

NPR is a follower, not a leader.

Anonymous said...

Holder's torture investigations?

What "investigations"?

It's hypothetical at this point and even if Holder does go ahead and appoint a special prosecutor, that prosecutor may be severely restricted in what he can and can not investigate. Kenneth Starr was actually an anomaly in that regard. Patrick Fitzgerald is probably closer to the norm. There are lots of "leads" Fitzgerald could have investigated and prosecuted (including Cheney's role in the Plame leak), but did not because, as I think he once said himself, that was not his "mandate"

It's clear that Obama does not want investigations/prosecutions at all, so it is really hard to see how holder is going to do anything that will violate the spirit of that.

Anonymous said...

Shepard Spottings?

Like this?

Porter Melmoth said...

"Shepard Spottings?

Like this?"

The wisdom of the smallest puppy surpasseth that of the loftiest NPR news reciter.