Monday, August 17, 2009

Back from Florida

I listened to all of about 5 minutes of NPR during the whole week - now that's a vacation. Anyway, had safe travels, fished for trout, tubed down a river and swam in the ocean. Enjoyed reading all the comments in the Q Tips when I got back.


Porter Melmoth said...

Welcome back from your therapeutic recovery programme, sir!

Just think, no matter what we all are doing, NPR's workin' overtime to deliver their product to the needy masses. Opium-filled tarts for us to gnaw on. Once hooked, audiences are trapped, and have no choice but to follow helplessly along (except for us at this here blog, and the growing millions who are 'on' to NPR's propaganda trip, that is).

No, I haven't been reading Huxley or Orwell this past weekend. I watched 'Woodstock', baby!

Anonymous said...


Just curious.

On the original soundtrack Jefferson Airplane does "Volunteers" but in the recent issue that song is gone. Talk about "militancy".

To blow my own horn? In the Hendrix clip, and the John Sebastian clip (Darling Be Home Soon)

There was a discussion in NPR about the Parable of the Hot Dogs. That print hangs in my living room and I am on the far left with my head in my arms trying to grab some sleep. Blue/white long-sleeved shirt.

I spent the week-end smokin, watching the film and listening to soundtrack. Every so often I would throw water on myself and then roll around a bath tub filled with mud. Gonna go to Woodstock 5.0.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back btw MyT. You can spend 4 days in space but when you return it's the same damn disgrace at NPR.


Porter Melmoth said...

Far out, edk. Looks like you had a good vantage point (when you were looking up).

I yak about the Director's Cut over at my blogsite.