Monday, August 17, 2009

On the Leash with Montagne

Renee Montagne takes a "good news" tour and interview this morning with Ambassador Eikenberry in Afghanistan. Renee might as well have been Eikenberry's spokesperson. Here's Montagne on Eikenberry and role model Governor Atta Mohammad.
  • "Karl Eikenberry makes it his business to travel EVERYWHERE in Afghanistan..."
  • "...he's sincere in the idea that getting out of his armored car and in front of Afghans is important."
  • "Governor Atta Mohammad, he's the man who's credited with making this entire province secure enough to prosper after he helped drive out the of the most successful examples of a mujahadeen commander, turned warlord, turned politician - an educated man, comfortable with power, striding through the bazaar in a well-tailored suit alongside the American ambassador."
Things are as bad in the interview:
  • Montagne: "Is Masar i Sharif one possible future for Afghanistan?"
  • Eikenberry: "It is! There's prosperity, there's hope, there's order there and yes it should give us confidence that if we can get the government up and's possible to get things right in this country..."
and then later
  • Montagne: "and oftentimes walk right down through a market with the two of you [he and his wife] together showing a couple that are partners. Of course these aren't totally natural visits to markets and whatnot; you are surrounded by heavy security, often by the local press, what are you trying to acheive...?"
  • Eikenberry: "she's putting a spotlight on women's affairs in Afghanistan....assure the Afghan people that we are here for the long haul."
Montagne allows Eikenberry to close out the interview crowing propaganda: "The 20th of August will represent the first election of a president of Afghanistan ever led by the Afghan people in their history...a defeat for the enemies that we face, and that's international terrorism."


Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

This is what it means to be "em-bedded": joyously taking it up the news-hole...

Anonymous said...

I always am angered when reporters use the "we" in reporting. Comes across as propaganda not reporting. A reporter earlier in the week used the same pronoun in her report and discussion with a Marine officer.

Porter Melmoth said...

The American diddling with Afghanistan is beyond vulgar.

I'm reminded of that preposterous stroll McCain and Lindsey The Dumpy Dumpling Graham took in Baghdad that time, picking up rugs 'n stuff.

I'd like to see how NPR would handle a story like Evo Morales visiting a WalMart in Orange County or something... Certainly the Bolivian president would have some trenchant thoughts on American consumerism and its effects.

Porter Melmoth said...

"Karl Eikenberry makes it his business to travel EVERYWHERE in Afghanistan..."

So he should know where all those Soviet Era weapons caches are.

And where the best poppy is grown.

Buzztree said...

OK, there's a "role model" named "Atta Mohammed"? Seriously? How ironic is that!?

Anonymous said...

In Bizarro World we all role model--BAD!!!

geoff said...

War is terrorism.

geoff said...

...especially when it's "preemptive."

Anonymous said...

Just like in Iraq NPR will celebrate an "election" held under occupation in Afghanistan. But Iran's election was bogus?

What is the difference between an "insurgency" and a "Resistance"? No one at NPR could tell me that even if they have ever wondered what the difference is and how the use of words themselves are a reflection of "propaganda"? Orwell? Who the hell was that?


Anonymous said...

Renee is back, Jack and she's got the real skinny on Afghanistan and our brave occupation forces backing a puppet. This is bringing Afghanistan "together" and the reports of people promising armed resistance if they don't win? Well, that's just not true according to the people Renee spoke to.

And Steve-o is all over it.

A little aside mentioned government arresting journalists for reporting on violence. I thought what Afghanistan really needs is NPR!!!!

And following that Argentina is cooking the books concerning economic situation. I guess Argentina needs Planet Money and Market Place programs to provide some real transparency and clarity.

NPR uber all!!!!


!ynnub!yzzuf!knip!gib said...

Leapin' Lizards! If I hadn't already barred my auditory orifices from their sugar-coated male bovine excrement...

Daddy War-Bucks~

Anonymous said...

NPR is in the minority on Afghanistan. They should be treated as such: ignored.

In a democracy, the majority rules -- or at least should.

I could not give a rats ass for what Steve Inskeep or NPR CEO Vivian Schiller think. They are idiots.

Inskeep is a brain dead sportscaster and Schiller is a just an Ivy League nitwit.

Poll: Most say Afghanistan war not worth fighting
"WASHINGTON — A majority of
Americans say the war in Afghanistan is not worth fighting, according to a poll released on the eve of that nation's elections.

An ABC News-Washington Post poll found 51 percent who said the war was not worth fighting, while 47 percent said it was worth it."

Only a quarter in the poll favored sending more U.S. troops to Afghanistan"