Saturday, August 22, 2009

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


Kevan Smith said...

Heard you on Media Matters with Glenn Greenwald. Good question, and Glenn really skewered NPR with the answer.

biggerbox said...

Did NPR just get a grant from the Scare People About Iran Foundation? What's with the sudden emphasis on the Iranina nuclear program, on multiple shows?

We can't get NPR to give a decent rundown of the provisions of the health care reform bills, but we get fierce blow-by-blows on how we'd launch a military attack on Iran? WTF?

ibg!ipnk!ufzzy!ubnny! said...

^ Chuckle, chuckle. That's the NPRopaganda arm for ya.

"Next up after the break, our resident studio clown Rootypoop McCheekle sits you grimy ingrate kids down to tell ya all about duckin' and coverin'."