Sunday, August 02, 2009

Superhumans and Subhumans on NPR

Covering the anti-gay shootings and killings in Tel Aviv, NPR's hourly news bulletin this Sunday morning stated the following:
(Dave Pignanelli): "Officials say they believe it is the worst hate crime in in Israel in decades."
(Linda Gradstein): "The shooting has shocked many in Israel where hate crimes are almost unknown."
Worst hate crime in decades? Hate crimes almost unknown? Ignoring the bitter irony of "hate crimes almost unknown" in a state that has a general policy of state run hate crimes against non-citizens in territory it controls - can one find evidence of deadly attacks by individual Israelis against people based solely on race, religion, etc?

Here are a few I found in about 5 minutes of Googling on the Internets:
  • May of 1990 a lone Israeli gunman killed 7 and wounded 10 Palestinian workers not far from Tel Aviv in Israel.
  • November of 1992 a grenade attack on an Arab market in Jerusalem killed 1 and wounded 11. Palestinians.
  • August 5, 2005 an Israelis gunman killed four Israeli Arabs and wounding 13 others on a bus in Israel.
  • August 17, 2005 - though not in Israel proper, an Israeli citizen killed 3 and wounded 2 random Palestinians near a settlement in the West Bank.
These incidents are clearly recognizable as standard hate crimes, but if your news coverage is almost always pro-Israeli government/military, it's hard not to adopt the same (widespread and very much alive) racist ideology that fuels Israeli expansionism and militarism and degrades the humanity of Arabs to the point where they have simply been erased.


JMD said...

Have you forwarded this very insightful observation to NPR?

Mytwords said...

I emailed the "Two Way" blog managers. Will let you know if I hear back from them.

Anonymous said...

"Torture is only torture when other people do it"

"Hate crimes are only hate crimes when other people commit them"

"War crimes are only war crimes when other people commit them"

Does this mean that "Journalism is only journalism when other people do it"?

Mytwords said...

In addition to the "Two Way" email, I used the NPR contact page this morning to send the following to both the "corrections" link and to the ombudsman:

"On Sunday, August 3rd, during the hourly five minute news updates, I repeatedly heard Linda Gradstein assert in reporting on the anti-gay killings in Israel that "The shooting has shocked many in Israel where hate crimes are almost unknown."

This is false and misleading: 1) In May of 1990 an Israeli gunman killed 7 and wounded 10 Palestinian day laborers not far from Tel Aviv in Israel. 2) On August 5, 2005 an Israeli gunman killed four Israeli Arabs and wounding 13 others on a bus in Israel and 3) on August 17, 2005 - though not in Israel proper - an Israeli citizen killed 3 and wounded 2 random Palestinians near a settlement in the West Bank.

Does NPR only consider deadly, unprovoked attacks "hate crimes" only if they don't involve Arab Israelis or Palestinians. You owe your listeners a correction and an apology.

We'll see if I ever hear back...

Anonymous said...

I heard this yesterday and my jaw dropped. "Hate crimes unknown in Israel." Words cannot express how insulting that is.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...


That's also what Ed Said called it in "Orientalism."

Aka "Ethnic cleansing."

From the point of view of the uber-cynical 'real-Politik' at work in the region, they have no option, really. Israel, qua 'state', cannot permit the existence of a co-equal, independent, antagonistic state within its boundaries. They MUST (from that powerful, irresistible pov) consolidate all the territory between the Jordan and the sea.

They cannot be bothered about negotiation with a bunch of stinking Ay-Rabs over water rights.

They have to isolate and either assimilate or expel all memories of Palestine. They're working on it every day. There was a story the other day about the Israeli officials changing signs in Jerusalem into Hebrew, exclusively, erasing the Arab identities of the regions with a single stroke.

it's not because they're jewish. Any ethnically identified populace in a similar situation would do the same thing.

Think "Sand Creek massacre," e.g.

Anonymous said...

"it's not because they're jewish. Any ethnically identified populace in a similar situation would do the same thing."

Ah, but it is entirely because they are Jewish.

"Jewishness" is a religion, not an ethnicity. The Jews in Israel come from a very broad mix of ethnic backgrounds. The ONLY thing they really have in common is their religion.

But the example of the Indian massacre nonetheless has many commonalities.

native Americans were viewed largely as "un-Godly savages" which allowed White Christians to exterminate them without a second thought.

in other words, religion may not have been behind the attacks (more "pragmatic" matters like the need for more land were), but religion nonetheless acted as a justification for the means used to attain the goal.

I think the same thing is at work in Israel. the fact that the Palestinians are not Jewish ("non-believers", as it were) makes it OK to treat them as second class citizens or worse.

I would change the wording

"it's not because they are an ethnic group. Any religiously identified populace in a similar situation would do the same thing."

If one needs an example closer to home, look at the Mormons in Utah.

And instead of "Sand Creek massacre", think "Mountain Meadows massacre"

ksdrover said...

This is not the first circumstance, but what looks like a concerted effort to turn America's "public broadcasting station" into another zionist propaganda machine.

Two weeks ago I was listening to a morning program when I heard an interview from "The Fancy Food Show" where 3 obviously "Jewish" individuals were assigned the task of reporting on different aspects of the show.

Adam Davidson chose the first entry of a Palestinian company. After describing what he was sampling he says,"Mmmm, good." But in the voiceover he says it WASN'T good in fact it was horrible. He then goes on to bash the Palestinian entries for their 'plain foods' at a "facy food show". Was the denigration neccessary to inform us of anything specific or is it a general blanket insult?

The interview continues and we find out that America actually footed the bill to bring them to America to do the show. Is this a change of direction or merely more of the same ol' same ol'? Perhaps when we consider that most restaurants serve items that are 'kosher' or else be labeled as "anti-Semitic" I have a feeling that Palestinians stand a snowball's chance in hell of breaking into the food service market. After all what sane business would 'invest' in Palestinian goods when their land is being confiscated and orchards are being destroyed daily?

Please look it up for yourself, pass it on, and send them your own assessments and complaints. Not that it will do any good but just to let them know there are a growing number of people that are sick of their repulsive behavior and won't tolerate listening to such diatribe.


ksdrover said...
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ksdrover said...

Forgot the link to the story.
Here it is:

Anonymous said...

Do you really expect a psychopathic nation to say anything close to the truth? Psychopaths only see what THEY want to see, and they only let you see what they want you to see. Eventually they will blame this on either an Arab or some self-hating jew. Never israel's fault, with all the death and destruction they bring on the Palestinians, it's NEVER their fault. Wake up world. Boycott UPC symbols beginning with 7 29. At least it's a place we "goyim" can start. Apparently our votes don't mean much to our own politicians, and why would it? They know it's all a farce.

bLaKouT said...

JMD said: Have you forwarded this very insightful observation to NPR?

I have done so, if no one else has. Hopefully everyone has!

Anonymous said...

Nutjob Pornographic/Pornogon Rathole spews incessant piles of propaganda out on the air waves. They might as well put a swastika or star of david on their logo, for all the propaganda they spew for the Military Industrial Complex and the Corporations and Israel.

nice to see someone riding herd on these miserable masquerading WEASELS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Only "MORONS" tune to NPR!
Shit radio station! Wouldn't waste my time!

Anonymous said...

RE: Adam Davidson

Davidson is not to be taken seriously on anything -- period.

After all, this is the same fellow who gave us the following brilliant bits of economic advice recently: "We want GDP to go up, not down" and "We want unemployment to go down, not up"

It appears that Davidson and Kestenbaum are actually having a "stupid contest" on Planet Money to see who can come up with the dumbest economic report ever aired.

It's actually entertaining -- in a mindless sort of way.

Anonymous said...

Adam Davidson "interview" with Ms. Warren tells me more than I need to know about this guy.


Anonymous said...

If you want to understand the essence of the Zionist project, study Kafr Qasim. All of it. Run up, event, aftermath. Wikipedia is not bad, for a start. Keeping in mind that happened at Kafr Qasim was happening in the thirties, and has not until today, stopped.

The Nazis at least did not dedicate all of their time to brutalizing the helpless. They sometimes fought their equals with courage and skill, and did it on their own dime.

As for the ovens, the Nazis could, and the Israelis, so far, can't.