Wednesday, September 02, 2009

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NPR related comments welcomed.


larry, dfh said...

Maybe it's me, but I am having alot of trouble copying some of the links which you commenters provide, and then getting them to open. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I find the whole HTML tag (you know, the one that has "ahref" in it, but if I write it with a"<" the computer won't let me send the comment with an open tag) ....thingy to produce a much easier and more accurate way to link to a web page.


Yesterday Morining Edition "'Vanity Fair' Profiles Former Treasury Head Paulson" was the kind of fawning pro-corporated, worship the rich reporting that makes me bang my head against my radio. (Anyone want to buy a damaged Tivoli/)

All you need to know about this dreadful Paulson wet kiss, was the fact that "Goldman" was only mentioned ONCE?

It's mentioned he was the former boss, guess the fact the he directed billions of dollars to save his former company and co-worker isn't a story. (Where's NPR Conservative Concern Trolling over the deficit, when a Bush increase the deficit by on billions?)

Mr. Paulson was former CEO of Goldman where he became a billionaire (also not mentioned) by creating, selling, and brokering the toxic assets that nearly destroyed the World's banking system.

Mr. Paulson's every action during this crisis protected and reward Goldman. It is a documented fact (again, ignored in this report) that during the market collaspe he made numerous phone calls the the successor at Goldman.

Paulson created and financially was rewarded by creating the unregulated environment that is directly responsible for the our current situation, he then acted to protect his cronies and former company first, he is no hero.

Guess NPR has gotten tired of W/Cheney revisionist memory hole stories and is now focusing on rewriting the actions Bush/Cheney Cabinet Members.

Here's the transcript:

What was it Sherlock Holmes said about "the dog that didn't bark"?

To NPR's credit Paulson's publicist couldn't have done a better job.

larry, dfh said...

Yeah, they love them some big-daddy corporats over at npr. I still shudder when I recall an interview with jack welch years ago where I'm sure the female interviewer got all gooey just being in his presence. It sounded like phone sex to me, it was actually embarassing.
Well, Wed. pm had another installment from liarsssson about the health care 'reform'. She mentioned that obama didn't have a policy. I thought that was weird, seeing as how 'big pharma gets a free pass' is very much his official policy. I guess for liarssson business-as-usual doesn't constitute a policy, even when it's signed and sealed.

RomfordRob said...

NPR Really outdid themselves for sheer propaganda on this one -- "Talk of the Nation" 9/3/09.
Who did Neal Conan have on? Ted Koppel, Richard Haas and Dubya's UN Ambassador (-- not Bolton -- who's name I can't spell but who is a ferocious right-winger). I'm mad as hell and it shows: --

Here's my contribution that doubtless won't be read anywhere but here --

The discussion aired features only strongly pro-war speakers.
I am constantly amazed that so much US policy goes back to 9/11. 9/11. 9/11.

This premise needs to be challenged or corroborated with a thorough independent
investigation into what really did happen on 9/11.
I would not mind so much, but this country has not had a proper independent investigation into 9/11.

The "official conspiracy" theory cannot possibly be true -- just read David Ray Griffin and you'll
see what I mean. Just for starters -- 19 perpetrators with nice clean mugshots 3 days after 9/11 --
but one problem is that several "perpetrators" were reported alive and well by the BBC later in the month
of September 2001.

Sure -- it was terrorism -- but who was really responsible? We just don't know.
We all just assume it was "Osama Bin Laden". Is that really true? How do we know?
Because Richard Cheyney says so? All very convenient for the military
industrials interests in the US. The situation is similary to JFK assassination -- 50 years later
we all accept that the official "single bullet" theory is nonsense. In 50 years time I have no
doubt that the accepted view of "9/11" will be very different. And here we are kicking down doors
up and down the world on the strength of an offcial story that emanated from George W. Bush
administration officialdom. Just think about that.

This discussion is sheer madness. Talk of the Nation? Propaganda of the nation, more like.

If you can read this -- at least there is a smidgen of free speech left in this mad-house
of a nation.