Monday, September 28, 2009

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


Porter Melmoth said...

I just got selected to participate in some sort of survey while visiting the Always On NPR site. I said 'Yes', but nothing came of it.

Just a warning.

I was on the site to see how Viv's shaping up, and the only thing I've noticed is that the size of the upgraded portraits of our beloved on-air personalities have become DISTURBINGLY LARGE.

PS: Oh, there it is - the survey. It opens another window. OK, I'm ready. I going to take the survey now. You too can give Viv some terrific feedback!

Porter Melmoth said...

Well, I took the survey.

Some lowlights:

18.2: Please tell us what you think of the site redesign.

Perfectly adequate for a news organization that isn't really worth serious consideration. What NPR has become is a deep disappointment to me. It is not an independent-thinking entity. It is plainly beholden to corporate interests. The on-air personalities are predominantly annoying in their style, voices and preferences for personal interpretation of the news. Many of them inflict their personalities on the listener rather than just reporting current events. These may be subjective opinions, but the cumulative effect of NPR is an organization to avoid, not to seek out. Redesigning a website will simply rearrange the flawed furniture that already occupies NPR's air/cyber spaces.

19: (Why did you visit

To check out some of the on-air personality bios, with their VERY LARGE (as in, TOO LARGE) portraits.

27: What is one improvement you would make to

Scrap the existing organization and start over. Sorry, but I'm not trying to be funny. Failing that, sell organization to Rupert Murdoch.

Maine Owl said...

So glad to hear Conan have on yesterday WaPo resident numbnut Jackson Diehl (whose job it is to make sure all Post opeds are as supercilious as possible with respect to critique of US and Israeli policy) to tell us about Israel's Gaza Vindication.

The upshot--they can burn as many people as they want with white phosphorous because they can get away with it: "Mr. DIEHL: That's right. But from the Israeli point of view, that condemnation [ref to Goldstone Report] has really been not a major setback. They're used to being condemned by the United Nations. The United Nations Human Rights Council, which was what appointed this commission, has spent most of its time condemning Israel over the last two or three years. And the fact is that these reports and condemnations end up having very little impact because the commission itself has been discredited. The Bush - the Obama administration already has dismissed this Goldstone report."

biggerbox said...

Headline on the NPR website right now:
"Senate Panel Rejects Divisive 'Public Option"

Yeah, forget the polls that show a majority of the American public is in favor of it, a public option is 'Divisive'. Just how is it divisive, you ask? Well, people voted on either side of it! I guess anything Republicans won't agree to is now, automatically, 'divisive.'

I get that NPR is against meaningful health care reform, but do they have to be so blatant about it?

Anonymous said...

What is one improvement you would make to

A different color lipstick for the pig.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would ask me in a poll what i thought of NPR.

I'd tell them it should be canned.

Of course, I'm sure they ignore any negative stuff anyway. Probably have a filter that flags it as spam.

geoff said...

I took that poll once. I told them the only way to save public radio was for all NPR employees to resign en masse and start from scratch with a few guidelines such as (1) no one associated with VOA, CIA, DIA, NSA, DEA or any other frackin' A allowed for hire. (2) Stop the suppression of low-power FM and help keep donor money at local stations to boost local news. Let a thousand flowers bloom in the scorched earth radio landscape NPR has wrought.

Anonymous said...

I am also a surveyer. I am asked a few times about WEdition. I said I thought the best part of either show was The Puzzle Master Presents . . .

BUt I do note the same things there that I do here.

Any difference? NOT AT ALL!


geoff said...


Re the Sunday Puzzle is the best part of the WES, I heartily agree. Just like the NYTimes puzzle is the best part of their paper.

I wish these puzzler wouldn't be so apolitical though. With all that intellectual capacity, can't they see what's happening?