Friday, October 30, 2009

Definitely from the Monkey Planet

Juan "Toss" Ensalada (of the Ombot's blog fame) posted in the most recent Q Tip section the following note, pointing out once again another Dean Baker takedown of NPR economic monkey business:

The chimps over at Planet Monkey are still trying to type that masterpiece, or wash that cat in the sink, or whatever. I am not really sure.

Here is their little screed about GM taking the money and not being able to pay it back.

Here is Dean Baker's retort.

I have ceased being amazed at how much Planet Monkey can get wrong is such a short space, but then I remember, "They are not human beings!"


geoff said...

Asking a Harvard PhD in physics to grapple with exponential growth is a tall order. Maybe we should cut them some slack.

Juan "Toss" Ensalada said...

Yeah, tough math I'd imagine. Maybe David Kestenbaum would be a better fit for the science desk? Or maybe he can play "bad cop" to Barbara Bradley-Haggerty's "God cop?" Because, you know, in order to be 'objective' about the struggle, the battle, and the war (you choose) of science verses religion each side should get 50% of the time. I am picturing something like "This Week in God."