Saturday, October 24, 2009

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


Anonymous said...

"By the way, I thought Shepard's gig as Ombotswoman was already up."


ed kriner (juvenile) wrote:

Ms. Shepard:

It will all be over soon. There will be someone else sitting at their computer doing what you do now. I suspect the results won't change but at least you can return to teaching, sailing, and writing. Fun things rather than take the spears for NPR management. We'll try to keep you "in the loop" especially as concerns salary of next Ombudsman.
Friday, October 23, 2009 11:54:56 AM

I (Heart) Alicia


Kevan Smith said...

Her term has been extended for another year.

geoff said...

I'm sure Alicia ♥s edk too. Nice note - you might have added "assassinating the characters of real journalists" to her list of hobbies. Her research into Woodward and Bernstein has been safe celebrity gossip kind of remishmashing designed to help us forget that, like Doyle McManus, she is a reliable hatchet man for the CIA.

On a related note, I'm not sure what to make of Jane Mayer, who wrote The Dark Side, an exposé of much of the nefariousness of Cheney. In some ways that book looks like kind of a back fire against the more damning revelations re Cheney, the CIA, the ISI, etc. Maybe it's just that Mayer is a Yalie, but I find her suspiciously pulling punches. Truthfully, I've only read excerpts of The Dark Side and some reviews.

But I ramble...

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

If she's been extended, then it would make no difference to complain about a report this morning about Mexico's trade and economic links to the USofA wherein the reporter claimed Mexico "had chosen" NAFTA.

That would be true, to the extent that, say, a teen 'chooses' to accompany a parent to the visit a sick, stinky, maiden aunt....

geoff said...

Scott (moist flushable wipe) Simon cues up Rovner for another industry-sponsored swipe at public health. We're teased by "there is another issue dividing supporters for health care reform" ...we're made wait and wonder what this might be. I have time to think mandates? Triggers? Opt outs? Rationing? Death panels? But no: "abortion, of course." Always a handy wedge willingly inserted by Schillers at NPR to scuttle whatever, whenever. Rovner laughs at the notion that the bill is just "maintaining the status quo" on abortion.

Prious Simon observes that abortion is an issue that cuts across party line and begs the false question, "should health care legislation include federal funds for abortion services?" This, after it had just been pointed out that, as the current versions of the bill have it now, any such coverage would have to come out of pocket.

Anonymous said...

"There will be someone else sitting at their computer doing what you do now."

A minor point, perhaps, but
will they be "sitting at a computer" or will they be "sitting as a computer"?

These ombotsresponses are like a printer that keeps printing out the same page indefinitely -- an infinite programming loop, as it were.

"Loopy" is the operative word here.

"Her term has been extended for another year."

No surprise there. After all, she's doing a fabulous job running the defensive line for her pal Vivian Schiller.

Schiller is the one who should REALLY go.

She's is the one who is ultimately responsible for the policy regarding the non-use of the word "torture".

Porter Melmoth said...

FYI: I took part in a large protest against the Afghan war in London yesterday. A few quick details at my blog:

Media coverage was predictably minimal, but the protest was serious and strong.

big!pink!disgruntled!bun-bun! said...

"Schiller is the one who should REALLY go."

And me no care if (or where) they do go. 'Cuz me long gone, but for to spit at 'em here. Could sure use having back those annual $60 contributions about now, seein' as how it all went to crap.

Anonymous said...

I can't count the number of times that I receive an e-mail back from NPR or specific show that says: We give our listeners what they want. fair enough. So LiAne thinks her listeners "want" to hear abot quack cures/preventatives concerning H1 N1. They also want to hear about NOT having H1 N1 parties.

So the listeners of NPR are using quack cures and having parties and NPR wants their listeners to NOT DO THAT!!!

Meanwhile (LiAne did mention) there is a national emergency declared by Obama in response to spreading H1 N1 pandemic. Don't NPR listeners want to know about what does that mean? Guess not if NPR gives their listeners what they want to hear.

If it wasn't so sad i'd be LingMAO!