Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pottersville Redux - Happy Holidays

(click to see the original still)

My, my, how things change. Seems like it was just yesterday (ok, 2006) when I posted my holiday greeting card featuring Cheney and Bush bringing us our Wonderful Life. Well there was a big election since then, and - what with the Bankster bailouts, the GITMO shuffle [hello Illinois], the expanded secrecy acts, the Afghanistan Surge™, the Health Care Reform Christmas present to the Insurance industry, it only seemed fair and balanced to reissue and update my holiday howdy featuring our new POTUS and his loyal assistant Timmy Geithner - oh yea, Change We Can Believe In.

BTW - It seems like I'm managing about one post a week, which seems about right. The help from readers in the Q-Tips section has been great, and I'll post a new Q-Tips tomorrow.


GawdDog said...

I missed this bit from Glennzilla:

Former White House Counsel Greg Craig said back in February that it's "hard to imagine Barack Obama as the first President of the United States to introduce a preventive-detention law." One no longer needs to "imagine" it; it's soon to come.

The picture of the prison makes the Carribean Hoosegow look positively idyllic.

DoctorDogg said...

Did I miss Robert Reich NPR commentary?

"From the start, opponents of the public option have wanted to portray it as big government preying upon the market, and private insurers as the embodiment of the market. But it's just the reverse."

Cerberus said...

Glennzilla got a top 3 quarks daily award for the piece mtw cited here.

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