Sunday, January 31, 2010

Help Wanted - Seriously

So far I've heard from one person interested in writing for a group NPR Check blog that would continue the work of this blog, but as a group effort. There must be more of you. I'm thinking of some of you who frequently post thoughtful comments here and on the NPR website. You would not have to commit to any number of posts, just be interested in occasionally writing brief or long, progressive analyses of NPR News.

I'd like to get it up and running by March or April. If interested just email me [see sidebar].


Anonymous said...

Count me in but I can't use the e-mail so:

gDog said...

Anonymity is obviously an issue here. I don't know that anybody outside of Panetta's crowd has bothered to observe my own progression from anonymity to veiled anonymity (goopledog is clearly identifiable as me.) After watching the DN show today with the Freedom riders being brave enough to suffer the body blows of organized racists in the 1960's south, it seems a small matter to admit my identity behind the veil of nprcheck comments, or even on npr itself. I am Hagopian.

Part of the issue is one of retribution. I'm sure there will be retribution against me in many quarters from people who google me and find me associated with nprcheck, or worse: pink fluffy bunny, but this is not new for me, and I regard Matt Murrey as a shining paragon of in-your-face honesty, so let's just all go all in on this.

My name is Geoff Hagopian, I'm an NPRcheck contributor. And I'm a tenured professor so I am even further obligated to speak my mind. But many tenured professors are much less forthcoming...

Has anyone bothered to notice how absolutely tiny the number of tenured professors opining in public is? I mean..."I'm One" barely makes the the quadrophenia threshold in this venue. A quarter million regular NPR listeners no doubt includes a hundred thousand tenured teachers and less than 20 people typically comment on any of the NPR stories? Firedoglake and get much more commentary, I suppose, but given the supply, the thru-put here is just sort of staggeringly small, so being an identifiable part of it may seem uncomfortable - but then, wtf? This just gives license to the MSM to pave the world with whatever unchallenged truth they desire...and their unchallenged truth is a nasty ugly toxic lie, as far as I can tell.

b?p?f?b? said...

(gulp!) Wha'd I do to warrant the slight name-drop, Goop? Your secret's safe with me, for sure!

Just.... please please PLEASE don't send me to the... to the... (whimper) .... to the GILETTE TESTING LABS!!!

Hagopian said...

It's Rabbit stew for you, Bugs, see? Rabbit stew, yeah.

Hagopian said...

[that was the voice of Edward G. Robinson]

b. said...

ha ha - got ya there, Lil' Caesar. Nyeh.

phoDoGraphy said...

MTW needs to teach a course photo shop editing with Cutips if we're to have a prayer of maintaining the thread.

Nate Bowman said...

"Mother of mercy, is this the end of goopDoggy?"

gDog said...

"Mother of mercy, is this the end of goopDoggy?"

I dunno, mebbe the flirt with full frontal nudity was a mistake. I'll put the cat back in the bag and hyde my jeckel behind the old handle.

Uh, Breaker One-Nine, this here's the Goop Doggy.
You got a copy on me Pig-Pen? C'mon

The Boss of You said...

I am sort of a drive-by contributor. I rarely listen, 'cept on weekends and when I can't bear the tinnitus commercials on Air America. I'd be happy to do quick and dirty drive by feature from time to time. If that would be interesting to anyone.

Nate Bowman said...

The Boss of [Me]

It would be VERY interesting to me. Thanks.

To goopDoggy

Thanks for laying it out there. I respected your caring before and now even more.

I should have said that the first time, but I got carried away with the EGR quote.

Anonymous said...


I am glad to participate with with the team effort.


aka Jimmy James Jr.
aka Juan Ensalada
aka Madchen Vapid
aka Mara HeiB

Mytwords said...

BTW, you still have to email me at mytwords AT yahoo dot com in order for me to give you posting permsissions.

Nate Bowman said...

Dear Jimmy, Juan, Madchen, Mara

My only regret is that three (I didn't know Jimmy) of my favorite posters have but one life (among them) to give to their blog.

Glad to see ya.

Anonymous said...

Juan Ensalada too?!
I honestly wouldn't have guessed that!

So Nate, I am happy to pinch hit sometimes. Problem is, I am just not a great writer. You, Mara, Goop and a few others have skill!
I can do a bit of research or whatever if needed.
I really don't want Check to be lost.

Goop, what bravery but you may have more influence with anonymity.
Forgive me for a bit of teasing, now I know why you have the time to write such great pieces!!
Couldn't resist...sorry!


Anonymous said...

I am a 60 year-old, straight,white,male that lives in a dying rustbelt city 70 miles north of Philly. I was once a member (back in late '70's) but I moved to the Keys and there Fidel interfered with US broardcasts so i never listened until about the early '80's. NPR was barely recognizable at that point.

Now I get to listen as i do another thing and I statred to wonder about things. So I started listening closer and here i am . . .

This is the first place I go when I get access and NPR Check is one of the most entertaining,politically/socially astute, and last (but not least) clever. It clearly throws NPR's "bait and switch" practices out there.

This blog shall not die!