Sunday, January 10, 2010

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On this Sunday's (01/10/10) Morning Edition we get the stand Juan Williams treatment with NPR's new a "all fear mongering all the time" meme.

It’s bad enough that for the past three weeks NPR has become the “All Terror, All The Time Network” in an apparent attempt to emulate FOX News, but recycling FOX talking points?

NPR concludes it’s third week since the failed attacked with more fear mongering ably assisted by an eleven year FOX News employee and Billy O’Reilly special guest host, Juan Williams, who gives a (albeit, “lite”) version of the following FOX/GOP talking points:

-Someone should be fired (unlike Bush/Cheney’s failures 9-11, WMDs, Plame, et al in which not only was no one fired, but they were given medals a promotitions) just like FOX.

-Juan says Bush/Cheney used “enhance interrogation” not the correct term, torture, just like FOX.

-Juan says that Republican’s are “better” at fighting terrorism, ignoring their record: failed to capture Bin Laden, the Anthrax terrorists, numerous clinic bombers, letting El Quida return to Afghanistan, giving medals to the CIA head for not preventing 9-11, just like FOX.

-Juan’s best skill is the FOX “smear by implication”: He implies that the Yemen prisoners where released by Obama, when in fact Bush/Cheney released them.

-Juan implies the closing Gitmo will hurt the war of terror, when in fact the opposite it true. Don’t take my word for it, here’s Juan’s hero, Gen. David Petraeus:
Gitmo has caused us problems, there’s no question about it. I oversee a region in which the existence of Gitmo has indeed been used by the enemy against us. We have not been without missteps or mistakes in our activities since 9/11. And again, Gitmo is a lingering reminder for the use of some in that regard.

Lastly, Juan refers to Obama Administration politicizing the attack without mentioning the numerous false and discredit statements from the GOP Leadership almost to numerous to mention, but most famously was Liberman, McConnel, et al insisting that prisoners from Gitmo not be released, that had already been released by Bush/Cheney.

Juan Williams’ wasn’t providing “analysis” he was just giving a cleaned up softer synopsis of the prior week’s FOX lies, which was unnecessary given that NPR’s News team does the same thing on a daily basis.

NPR isn't even attempting at a superficial balance now.

Boulder Dude said...

Matt, thanks for the comment on the Pete Peterson tripe this morning.

geoff said...

I've noticed over last month or so a new lilt in Insqueaks chirp. Usually it comes at the end of one of his attempts at humor, like this morning when he squeaked about NY Subway riders shedding their pants and how that might it easier to maintain a security (police) state. Hardy har. But then during an otherwise serious report on how California's Proposition 8 may violate the equality clause of the US Constitution, he strangely went to the lilt when intoning "US Constitution," seemingly underlying the quaint, antiquated nature of this document.

JF said...

David Walker, of the shifting-sand Peter G. Peterson foundation, was on NPR for an extended concservative monologue yet again this morning.


Tea Baggers making death threats to NPR source, I'm sure it will get as much coverage as the 12+ Baggers with guns at Obama events, . . . whichis to say none.

Journalist receives RW death threats; RW bloggers remain mum
January 11, 2010 9:18 am ET by Eric Boehlert

"Not surprising, but still unsettling.

In this case, the target is Mark Fiore, an online cartoonist for NPR who poked fun at the Tea Party movement."



Just follow the two links in the previous article: Guess who is leading the charge on the death threats?

Bill O'Reilly, Juan Williams best friend.

So, Bully Bill O, after labeling Dr. Tiller who was murdered as "Tiller The Baby Killer" he's now responsible for threats to a journalist that NPR used.

Think Juan Williams will defend NPR or kiss Bill O's [insert favorite body part]?

I'm voting for the body part kissing.

Wonder if this will also be overlooked too?

Anonymous said...

I'm getting sick of Leanne Hansen pushing her right wing opinions into what ought to be straight news stories. She's getting as bad as Juan and Cokie.

geoff said...

Marje, But Lianne ice skates and tap dances. And it is all about her, you know.

Boulder Dude said...

Well, I have some guy saying I'm a Racist for pointing out that justice in this country has generally been about making white people feel safer, so let's see if this is the thing that get's me banned.

Though, he did completely ignore the Human Rights Watch report on the topic that I posted.

Nate Bowman said...

Boulder Dude

One of the more entertaining comments from the cartoon (not the ombudsman's post) went something like this:

"Whites are the only group against whom hate crimes can not be committed. Try waking up to THAT every morning."

Anonymous said...

NPR: “All Terror, All The Time Network”

National Panic Radio?

It's funny that an individual can go to jail fo ryelling fire in a theater when there is none.

But NPR does the equivalent all the time (on terrorism and the economy) and actually gets paid for it.

geoff said...

NPR: “All Terror, All The Time Network” ?

¿¿You're counting the Jay Leno coverage in there??

At least Leno offers some terror relief: "Even though bin Laden is said to have fled to Pakistan more than a week ago, U.S. officials said they will continue to bomb Afghanistan as long as Geraldo is there." —Jay Leno

Isn't that just hilarious? Bombing Afghanistan!! Can you imagine something so absurd?

Anonymous said...

Love that : National Panic Radio.
Fits right in with being unable to distinguish between a "terrorist attack" and an "attempted terrorist attack."
But the worst thing is NPT falling into the general media lust for blood chorus by using a confused young man whose brain is not yet fully developed as the weapon of choice in trying to drive us all to take up arms against an unseen enemy.
Some days I despair, then I recall that journalism schools appear to be turning out reporters whose brains are so warped by MTV and such as that, that they can't even think straight.And are willing to be tools of the radical right anger-all-the-time-at-everybody Party of No.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Can't type. I meant NPR.

The Boss of You said...

Announcer at top of the hour news discussing the anti-prop 8 case in California takes cues from Carrie Prejean calling heterosexual marriage 'opposite marriage.' Oh brother!

geoff said...

Well here I was thinking it was 20101211 when, in nprality it's April Fools! It's always helpful to have April to sweeten the blow with here Dulcet Valley Speak: "It's like, soooooo compromised already, girls, and I should know (because it takes one to know one?) because I have voices on the inside that tell me! One of those voices is not Trumka, I gather.

The tax on benefits in the Senate bill pits working Americans who need health care for their families against working Americans struggling to keep health care for their families. This is a policy designed to benefit elites—in this case, insurers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and irresponsible employers, at the expense of the broader public. It’s the same tragic pattern that got us where we are today, and I can assure you the labor movement is fighting with everything we’ve got to win health care reform that is worthy of the support of working men and women.

How do you spell NAFTA in 2010? OBAMA?

Boulder Dude said...

Oh, nice, NAFTA!

I had been looking for a one word descrpiptor to define the Senate bill and the one that will be foisted upon us.

RepubLiecan said...


At least you were spared hearing Lianne attempt to "sing" Take It To The Limit.

Hansen represents Nationalistic Propaganda Radio well in that only center to center right opinions are allowed to be held or presented.

bg!pnk!fzzy!bnny! said...

^ Oooh, so hip to be hep to "Terminally Tedious Californians" (quote the late Lou Stathis)

or as "The Dude" would say - "I had a rough night and I hate the %$#@ing Eagles, man!"

geoff said...

The Dude abides!

Anonymous said...

marje says : I recall that journalism schools appear to be turning out reporters whose brains are so warped by MTV and such as that, that they can't even think straight."

I think journalism schools in this country are largely responsible for the sad state of so-called journalism.

When I was in college, the "communications majors" (ie people training to be journalists) were the party animals.

That was thirty years ago, but I think it was a pretty accurate indication of the future of journalism.

The ones i wnet ot college with are the "journalists" o f today.

These people who are FAR more interested in socializing and partying with the rich, famous and powerful than they are in discovering "truth".

They are also the laziest people you know, folks who would think nothing of cheating on a test to get an A.

Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

I went to college- as a late bloomer-- about when you did. Never thought of journalism students as party animals. We were too busy learning how to ask the right questions and how to keep opinion and analysis out of news stories. I could cover meeting from 7-10 pm and phone in my story before 11 pm deadline. Always writing it in my head as it unfolded.
It seemed odd at the time, but two people could cover the same meeting and the stories would be very different. But you can be darn sure we know the who, what, where, when, why, and how. And never forgot we had to write two different stories to express all of these. One news, the other analysis.
Reporters, as you know, often need to be detectives, and that cuts into party time....or should....cheating to get an A seems to be endemic in every level of society.....and socializing with the objects of investigation has its uses, but name dropping is not one of them..... you can't stay objective if you get too close.....but, hey, that word still in the dictionary.???