Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Boneheads and Infotainers

Granted, NPR has trouble distinguishing Tea Party Brown Shirts from the Civil Rights Movement, and it's own ombudsman rues not having more Beckian viewpoints presented in its coverage - but this weekend poor Andrea Seabrook and chuckling Guy Raz can't seem to tell the difference between Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck or their rallies.
Seabrook: ....I mean, think about it. Some of the biggest political movement in terms of rallies this year have been organized by non-politician...
Raz: Yeah.
Seabrook: ...infotainers.
Raz: Incredible.
Seabrook: And they were very much alike. People at both the Glenn Beck rally and his rally were very nice, calm, happy. I mean, the Glenn Beck rally was more like a church picnic.
Yep, Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck (and their respective rallies) are almost identical - just good old infotainers, except one likes to describe his opponents as a virus and call for their eradication. I bet that Glenn Beck rally was just like a church picnic, can't wait for the bonfire later...

In the Open Thread comments below goopDoggy succinctly notes how the other subtext of Seabrook's "report" is to disparage antiwar protesters as "chanting, you know, screaming people."


gDog said...

The Comparison Game was a great post - thanks for reminding me of that!

The Boss of You said...

This is great! Thank you. I haven't been on in a while and it's nice to see MyTwoWords back. Anyone so confused by the rally can't operate on more than one level of meaning, or refuses to, and that is disturbing.

Anonymous said...

The irony is killing me.

"infotainers" is a a perfect description of NPR air-heads like Raz and Seabrook.

I diagree with the republicans on almost everything, but on one thing I am in agreement: the public should not be giving a single penny to pay the salaries of nitwit propagandists like Raz, Seabrook, Inskeep, Norris, Gonyea, Gross, Liasson, Roberts, Totenberg and all the rest.

And to make sure that NPR does not get federal money "through the back door" (paid by NPR member stations for NPR programming), Congress should also cut all funding to NPR member stations.