Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lap Dogging the Prez

Today Bush gave a press conference after his stint/stunt of a Bagdahd trip. NPR offered "analysis" before the conference got underway; it was astounding! Joe Palca questioned NPR's Senior Foreign editor, Loren Jenkins in the minutes before the conference got underway. Palca asks Jenkins (who said he's been back to Iraq several times in the last three years) what the impact of Bush's trip might be and Jenkins says, “I would think from the Iraqi point of view it was very more affirmation that the US is there to stay and to help them out which is what the US policy has been and what we’ve been telling them.” Stunning, how with his few junkets to the Green Zone, Jenkins presumes to speak for the Iraqi viewpoint (does he even speak Arabic?) I wonder what the viewpoint is of the hundreds of thousands of dead, injured, orphaned, widowed Iraqis is? Also the US is there to "help them"? (like FEMA helped New Orleans perhaps). Oh and don't forget that helping out Iraq is what US policy has been all along. What stuns me most about this arrogant and stupid commentary is that if one looks at Jenkin's bio at NPR, it is filled with prestigious accolades and awards which explains something about how rotten so much of the MSM is.

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