Thursday, June 15, 2006

Why So Bad?

Linda Wertheimer interviewed Philip Reeves about the "security" initiatives of al-Maliki. I find it strange that the tone of Reeves' report from Baghdad is positive. He indicates great hopes that the al-Maliki government can bring stability to Iraq. Reeves has done some excellent reporting in the past when he worked for The Independent of London. Today he comes across as a naive believer in the "unity" government in Iraq. Nothing is discussed of the disastrous forces at work in Iraq and the destabalizing effects of the US presence. No mention of the complications in the south, especially Basra, between Shiite militias of the Badr and Mahdi forces, nothing of the Kurdish near indepence and dictatorial moves in the north, nothing of the absolute wreck of the infrastructure created by the Bremer tenure, etc...Do all reporters get worse when they go to NPR?

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