Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Interview and the F-Word

If you (to quote Cheney) have a "strong stomach" and can listen to the whole of the interview between Juan Williams and the Decider you can't help but wonder, "What about the F-word?"

Which F-word?

You might think FOOL (as in Juan Williams) : "People are praying for you, want to be with you, Mr. President....So I wonder if you could give us something to go on, give us something – say, you know, this is a reason to get behind the president right now."

Or perhaps FALSEHOODS (from Bush): "We all thought that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and 'we all' being not only the administration, but members from both political parties in the Congress....there was a universal belief that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction...."

But the F-word that came out of Bush's mouth, though not Williams', was FAILURE. Talking about his Iraq "plan," Bush says, "What will happen if there’s failure…chaos…failure would endanger the homeland…enemy likely would follow us here…ills can come home to haunt us...."

Wouldn't it be great if Williams had said, "But Mr. President, with all due respect, the Iraq mission is already a failure. That is clear from the facts on the ground, that was the opinion of the voters in November and is even the opinion of many of your closest allies and other conservatives." Sadly, this obvious fact that the Iraq war IS already a failure (disaster, fiasco, monstrous crime, terrible tragedy, etc...) never escapes William's mouth. Instead he just goes right along with the Bush fantasy of the "half-glass full"[sic] where there has been tremendous progress in Iraq, and where his latest "plan" is the only option for victory(!).

Oh, and the grade that NPR and Williams get for this cozy chat with slouching Bush? What else - F!


Anonymous said...

I didn't hear the interview itself, but I did hear resident-Uncle-Tom Juan's summary of it this morning, as prompted by a gushing woman whose name I didn't catch. The most irksome part to me was Juan's question about "bad intelligence" and what the President is doing to insure that the intelligence on Iran is better. NOTHING about the way the administration suppressed a lot of good intelligence, which argued that Iraq had no WMDs, nothing about Dick Cheney's 2003 refusal of an offer from Iran of help with the war against Iraq. Acchh, cravenly obsequious, Juan.

Okay, gotta stop and try not to grit my teeth too much through the current story, on and on about that frickin' dying horse. Oh, he's dead now. Some woman is reading nostalgically and dreamily about the dead horse's "thoughts" and "sense of humor." What a childish nation we've become.

Anonymous said...

I stomached the whole thing. Kudos to jr for acknowledging the one thing he excels at in the district of confusion: "elevating" -- his word -- the mistrust.

O, and that bipartisan committee he was hoping to have a dialogue with about Iraq, that would be CONGRESS!

Anonymous said...

Whenever it is announced that he is about to speak on the radio, I always shout, "Juan-Ho!"