Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Prayers Answered

Okay, I promise; this will be my parting shot on the Juan Williams' interview with Bush.

Unlike "Thanks Buddy, glad your here," Williams, I wasn't praying for the President during the interview; I was praying for even one intelligent, challenging follow-up question to the BS
Bush responses that Williams dutifully lapped up during his talk with the Decider yesterday. And I have to credit NPR for answering my prayers tonight.

Remember during the interview when Williams mentions that NPR has a reporter with the Minnesota National Guard and tells Bush that one of the soldiers has a question? Williams reads Bush the question from Specialist Ryan Schmidt, "What if your plan for a troop surge to Baghdad does not work?"

Now that is a question! It really cuts to the chase doesn't it? The implied subtext is so perfectly disguised yet obvious: "Given that all your other 'plans for victory' have been disasters, what's the plan going to be when this one goes down the tubes too?"

And Bush's answer? Drum roll please: "Well I would say to Ryan, uhh, I put it in place, uh, with, on the advice of a lot of smart people, particularly the military people who thinks it will work, and, uh, let us go into the, into this aspect of the uh, of the, uh, Iraqi strategy, feeling it will work. But I will also assure Ryan that we are constantly adjusting to conditions on the ground."

I swear to God that's what he said. And how does razor sharp 'Buddy' Williams' respond? He says, "Let's talk about Iran for a second, Mr. President." Let's talk about Iran? Iran? Read it and weep.

But then tonight John McChesney, embedded with Schmidt's Guard Unit, says, "We asked Specialist Schmidt if he was satisfied with the President’s answer." And then NPR (bless them) airs this soldier's response:

"No it did not answer my question. I would have liked to know more so that there will be a plan if this does not work For some of us that are over here, particularly me, my unit, we all feel that why, what’s the point of us being extended if your initial plan to send more troops over here DOES NOT WORK. What are you going to do Mr. President?"

Actually two prayers were answered. An intelligent question and follow-up AND a replacement for the worthless Juan Williams (and Inskeep, and Montagne, and Liasson, and Block, and Siegel, and....)



Anonymous said...

And notice how it was an ordinary person, not a member of the media elite, who both asked a sharp question and then expressed dissatisfaction with Bush's non-answer. Specialist Schmidt took on the role reporters used to dream of getting -- holding power accountable to the people it effects. This illustrates a big divide between current mainstream journalistic practices and public expectations of the press. MSM, it seems, wants to suck up to power, while the public wants it exposed and controlled. It's a reason people don't trust the MSM, holding reporters in almost as low an esteem as Congress critters.

Porter Melmoth said...

It's as if all the little biggies at NPR News have signed onto Junior's porno program with drooling relish. The love fest is just too intoxicating. Tipsy with corporate capital, they're just too drunk with power to realize that they have unabashedly hopped on to the doomed caravan so late, so very late in the Bush Era. How else could such insipid performances on such a wide scale be explained?

Anonymous said...

Some months ago NPR was pushing 'Buddy's" book real hard, featuring 'Wan' on the talk shows. Wow, what a dolt! He was really trying to blame 'hip-hop' culture on Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. It was obvious he had no knowledge of their pulpit preachings when he condemned them repeatedoly as contributing to lax moarals in youth. He's a bitter old flunkie.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to confirm that what you wrote as Bush's answer to the soldier's question was right on. I was listening, appalled. That really is what he said!!!

Anonymous said...

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