Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Open Thread - Tuesday

NPR related comments welcomed.

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Anonymous said...

Few recent stories have revealed the trapped-in-a-national-snowglobe ideological spin of the US media (NPR especially) as the coverage of Yeltsin's death and the "analysis" of his legacy. (...although even the BBC has been horrible in this regard... what's going on with the BBC World News these days? It's worrying. )

I suppose this bothers me so much because Yeltin caused so much suffering, poverty, death and misery during his criminal, drunken rule, aided and abetted by the corrupt Soviet elites and their western enablers (ie, Jeffery Sachs and company). Russians HATE Yeltsin for what he did to them and to Russia - oh, except for the Russians NPR cherry-picks for their street interviews.

If anyone is interested in a truly excellent interview with Russian historian Stephen F Cohen on the proximate causes of the USSR's dissolution and on current US-Russia relations, the following URL is an excellent 15 minute read.


(PS, Mytwords, enjoy your mental health break. You don't want to pull a Billmon and burn out)