Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Raz and Slur

It was good to hear NPR reporting on dissent within the military. Then toward the end of the piece Guy Raz unloads a doozy. He describes meeting Navy petty officer, Jonathan Hutto, one of the founders of the Petition for Redress movement. Raz says "I met Hutto few weeks ago in Richmond, Virginia during another one of his lectures; the turnout was modest – mostly aging hippies and a couple of Vietnam-era draft dodgers."

Aging hippies--please! I wonder how Raz arrived at that determination. And draft dodgers--now that's some serious journalism. I'd be willing to wager that whoever was there and didn't get drafted was probably a draft resister. Of course I do look forward to Guy Raz being consistent in the future when he will refer to Dick Cheney and George W. Bush as aging corporate swindlers and draft dodgers (or chickenhawks).

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Porter Melmoth said...

Raz is typical of the extremely immature journos who now stalk their Industry. They're mighty pleased with themselves all the time, especially with their ability to rattle off seemingly substantial time-filling verbiage. Frequently though, they reveal themselves as shallow and half-baked, as the 'draft dodger' statement proved. It usually doesn't take much to find out where some of these people are really coming from. Problem is, it's OKAY to be shallow and half-baked because the editors and managers above them are even more shallow and . . . quarter-baked.