Saturday, May 05, 2007

Blackshirt Nation

UPDATE: NPR finally covered this story on Sunday Weekend Edition, May 6, and did a better job.

Here's a little activity I'd suggest you try.

On the NPR site, type "Patricia Nazario" in the search box and here is what you get. Look carefully - the most recent story featuring Patricia Nazario is a September 2004 story from Bogota, Colombia. Unbelievable, it is the evening of May 5th and NPR news has yet to do a significant segment on the LAPD's attack on the peaceful immigration rights rally--including an assault on local NPR affiliate reporter, Patricia Nazario. You would think that since NPR had one of it's own affiliates attacked, it would want to get some extensive coverage.

I emailed the NPR affiliate station, KPCC, and this is the exchange:
(My inquiry): I run a blog that is critical of NPR's national news coverage. I was stunned that the national bureau has not done any follow-up to the mention that a local affiliate's reporter was injured. I would like to comment on this on my blog, but thought I should inquire whether NPR has contacted you about doing any further coverage of this story.

(KPCC replies): Thanks for writing to KPCC. NPR did in fact follow up on this story. Carrie Kahn interviewed Patricia for a story, Day to Day wanted to interview Patricia for a story (we turned that one down because it was early in the morning after a very long night) and a new NPR program, Tell Me More, is going to interview her on Monday. News Director, 89.3 KPCC-FM.

Okay, so if Carrie Kahn interviewed Nazario, where is it? Carrie Kahn covered (covered up?) the police attack on the march in her report on May 2nd's Morning Edition, the morning after the attack. Here is her coverage:
"that turned into a standoff as some members of the crowd refused to move (sounds of police yelling). As officers yelled a small group of protesters threw bottles, sticks and Coke cans at police. Within minutes lines of officers in riot gear swept into the park firing rubber bullets and ordering everyone out....Most inside the park including families with small children, street vendors, and television crews didn’t hear the orders to disperse until police were already in the crowd. Several TV camermen and reporters were pushed and hit by police, including an NPR member station reporter from Los Angeles. She was treated at a local hospital...."
So here it is four full days after a squad of police without badges or identifying tags attack people with clubs, non-lethal bullets, and tear gas and that's all we get from NPR news - in spite of their having a local reporter who was one of the victims of the police.

For decent coverage of the attack take a look at KPCC's coverage, Truthout (featuring local Fox video coverage and LA Times article), or this photo coverage from the LA Times (source of the graphic).

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