Sunday, May 06, 2007

Major General Garrels Reporting

On tonights ATC the top of the news (5:01 EDT) report featured the following:

Craig Windham: "A roadside bomb killed six American soldiers in Iraq today, and the military announced the deaths of five other US troops. Car bomb attacks left at least 47 Iraqis dead. US military officials are bracing Americans for the possibility that American casualties may remain high for weeks to come. NPR’s Anne Garrels has more from Baghdad."

Garrels: "The US military says expanded operations have generated better intelligence, leading to the seizure last month of 731 weapons caches, more than double the number found in January. Despite this Major General Rick Lynch told reporters both Sunni and Shiite extremists are increasingly using sophisticated roadside explosives with technology from Iran that can pierce armored vehicles. He said he expected the rate of American casualties to increase over the next ninety days, with the so-called surge only having a decisive effect by September."

Not one scrap of evidence. Not one bit of skepticism.

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BOB EDER said...

I want to thank NPR Check for pointing out the lack of evidence on the part of NPR's ATC and Anne Garrels in parroting words from the U.S. military about weapons "from Iran." I credit NPR Check in my own post on Anne Garrels. See