Saturday, May 26, 2007

No Question About It

Major General Garrels is at it again. This morning she's channeling more information from the Pentagon about the situation in Iraq and the definitive evidence of Iran's role in the mayhem. First there's this little horror:
"US and Iraqi forces raided...Sadr City. The US military says early morning airstrikes killed five suspected militia fighters. The military says it also captured a man suspected of bringing weapons and explosives from Iran. But the Iraqi police and Sadr members of Parliament say the attack hit innocent civilians who were waiting in line at a gas station."
For Garrels it's just a ho-hum day of slaughtered "suspected militia fighters" or people queuing up for gas - who really cares when the US captured a big, bad Iranian agent?

If that seems bad watch out for this one:
Garrels states, "US officials say lots of different armed groups – Sunni and Shiite – are getting support from Iran, and that includes Sadr’s militia...BUT THERE'S NO QUESTION that militias acting in the name of Sadr, if not with his approval, have been using the new deadly roadside bombs which the US says come from Iran. They can pierce armor and they’re responsible for the deaths of more and more American servicemen."
Oh yeah, no question about it, if General Killwell or General Betrayus says it then it's just got to be true - in fact the evidence seems like a slam dunk to me!

Regarding this propaganda on Iran it's well worth reading this post from The Washington Note that Juan Cole noted in his blog on Friday - scary stuff!


Anonymous said...

Not to sound pedantic, but several years ago I read or heard that Garrels' husband was CIA, which is why she's been in Iraq since 'shock and awe'. I wouldn't expect her to be able to separate fact from propaganda.
Also, on ME, Waan Williams was all about the Dems, without ever mentioning the other party. It was more about what a hypocrite Edwards is, with his $400 haircuts, etc. And his speaking fees--of course no mention of Rudy's fees. Amazingly, Waan never mentioned the 'new' anti-Hillary books (based on old crap)...maybe NPR doesn't get royalties from their publishing houses.

Porter Melmoth said...

Indeed, Garrels is suspect in many mysterious ways. Ever since her much publicized 'bathroom heroics' during said 'Shock & Awe'(TM), she has enjoyed a certain bullitproof reputaion. Unlike Kid Jamie (who may know Arabic, but that's probably why she isn't considered trustworthy enough to access big league sources) Maj. Gen. Garrels and her cig-toughened voice probably make listeners think she wears a fedora and is belting down bourbon in the grand old tradition of Ed Murrow covering the London blitz. There's something about her and her gravitas that just isn't - right, somehow. The CIA factor is entirely reasonable to assume.

And Yawn Williams! Yet another NPR hack who rides on a reputation made out of cheap plastic. It's been so long since he showed that tiny bit of promise of perhaps being another Clarence Page. But like so many of 'them', the climate at NPR is safe enough now for these shills to show their true colors.
He's the perfect match for the dreary white-breadedness of John Yd, though the respite from the not-so-great Scott is practically providential. JY's wistful recollections of Northakota are harmless enough, I guess... But again, I call for news stories to be separated from feature stories, an option that NPR would never, ever consider. I found his pushing Philip Reeves' sincere report from Pakistan off the air quite rude. 'We're out of time,' he declared. To make way for some creampuff story about something or other... God, what rinkydink broadcasting!

Porter Melmoth said...

Sorry, it's 'bulletproof reputation'