Friday, June 01, 2007

Open Thread - Weekend

NPR related comments welcomed.

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Anonymous said...

Juan Williams has a fellow wing-nut in Saturday Edition's John Ydstie. Last weekend in the context (?!) of the story "Iraq Funding Compromise" Ydstie went out of his way to invite Williams to trash John Edwards as a presidential candidate. Juan, of course, was happy to oblige -- if, indeed, he hadn't written the whole exchange in advance.

The audio is here. This is from a transcript:

"YDSTIE: Mm-hmm. Yeah. And John Edwards has gotten into a little trouble. He was paid $55,000, it turns out, last year to give a speech on poverty at the University of California Davis.

WILLIAMS: You know, that's an odd time because his speech, I think, was the best speech of the last campaign his speech about the two Americans. [sic - Juan means "two Americas"] But here he is, $55,000 for his speech on poverty, $400 haircuts, and then it was reported he got half a million dollars cap from a hedge fund that he said he was just visiting to study economic issues. So for the guy who said he's so concerned about poverty, he's doing pretty well."

So, what do you think? Will we be hearing any time soon Ydstie and Fox News' Juan Williams detailing the speaking fees of Republican candidates who mention poverty on the hustings?

Not likely. NPR has become little more than a G.O.P. megaphone.