Friday, June 01, 2007

Read Your Own Blog

The Koppelgänger strikes again. Inspired by the Bush-Snow job comparing Iraq to Korea Koppel continues his defense of endless US occupation of Iraq (because they are sitting on "our oil"). To be fair to Koppel, the "our oil" doctrine has a "distinguished" history.

Funny thing is that the NPR Blog actually does a decent job of presenting the varied opinions on the Bush-Snow nonsense. Too bad Koppel and Inskeep didn't read it. If they had perhaps they wouldn't have come off as breathless with enthusiasm for the Korea comparison - although they'd probably still be keen on keeping US troops in Iraq forever (over the horizon or on those lily pads!)

Here's Inskeep gushing about the Snow comments: "Let’s zero in on the phrase that causes people to THINK [his emphasis] about that South Korean parallel: many years." Wow!


Anonymous said...

Juan Cole puts a stop to the idiotic Korean analogy. As The Carpetbagger Report concludes, "It’s bad politics, it’s bad history, it’s bad rhetoric... ."

Mytwords said...

Yes, I was glad to see that the NPR blog listed Juan Cole and Talking Points Memo. It also listed some links that supported the comparison--but I don't mind the contrarian views, it's just the utter lack of progressive, leftist views on the news shows that gets my goat.