Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to...

On Thursday morning NPR celebrated the 6oth "birthday" of the CIA - no kidding. The report opens with the supposed problems of the CIA: "In more recent years the agency has suffered through the intelligence failures of 9/11 and the flawed intelligence on Iraq..." Two problems there - not a peep about the recent years of secret prisions and torture, and the fact that the "flawed" intelligence waas cherry-picked and "fixed" by the administration.
Mary Louise Kelly tells us, "The state of the CIA this week is pretty festive. Tonight there's a big birthday bash at Langley headquarters..." She goes on to sing the praises of the A-12 spy plane. We hear about "the good mood prevailing at Langley" and how "agency staff are focused on the core missions: fighting terrorism, tracking nuclear
threats, stealing secrets--that and maybe scoring a piece of birthday cake tonight..." I can't wait to hear NPR celebrate little CIA's first steps, and baby's first coup - so darling.

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