Friday, September 21, 2007

Rather Disgusting

It just kills me how ATC on Wed can cover the Dan Rather suit against CBS without mentioning the real irony of CBS' botched story on the Decider's weasely military record: the fact that the substance of the story remains completely accurate - despite the apparently phony document used in the story. No mention is made that the record shows George W. Bush never should have been admitted to the Air Guard, had spotty attendance, and consistently turned in a subpar performance. Even timid Slate describes him as a draft dodger. He clearly got the gig due to wealth and connections. A good timeline on the current commander-in-chief's military record is worth looking at.


Porter Melmoth said...

Thanks for reminding us of the many details of this important and scandalous story. I've read even at other progressive blogs, people bitching that 'what took Rather so long' to file a lawsuit. Egads, we should be grateful that somebody who was actually on the inside of the corporate press is now stepping up to the plate. Quite frankly, I'm happy to be in the 'Go, Dan, Go!' crowd. NPR and other assorted dimbulbs can continue to stew in their own sour grape juice.

Anonymous said...

This article
(via Atrios) explains what may be going on in this lawsuit. Stupid Dan Schorr had a very non-illuminating take on it Sunday AM. One possible explanation, which you won;t hear on the MSM programs on NPR, is that during the discovery process of any trial, testimony, under oath, will reveal how 'hand-in-glove' the press has been with the government. This will be Rather's revenge.
(I'm not sure if the fancy HTML imbedding worked, it didn't seem to on the 'preview' option, anyway, the link is in the text).

Porter Melmoth said...

Thanks, Larry. Link worked. Very helpful article. Indeed, the 'one hand washing the other' of gov't and media stands to be revealed. As one Dan to another, Rather's set to ride the rollercoaster, while Schorr retreats into Neocon righteousness. Thank heavens Ed Murrow's not alive to see one of his boys cave in, but when a guy hits 90 at least he's got that excuse.