Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Open Thread

NPR related comments welcomed.


Porter Melmoth said...

The absurdity of commenting on many aspects of NPR - which add up to a lost cause - is not something I ignore. However, I just have to point out that the Steve 'n Renee Show has gotten more goofy than usual lately. Their voices seem as torqued into high-drive as their utterances. I can only assume that drugs are involved.

Anonymous said...

My sympathies - I have now completely weened myself off the Ren & Stimpy Show; have to declare that I'm more at peace in the morning waking up to ersatz jazz on another listener-supported station than "that" dreck; to say nothing for that annoying, repetitive MOR break music that occurs every 10 and 35 min on the hour (at least that's what my local station allows to air). I get more out of this blog posting all the glaring inaccuracies than to have to suffer through the source material.

Drugs ya say, eh?- They must've gotten into Missy's stash of helium-infused biscottis & latte.

(and hey, I'm being no more caustic than Michael Feldman or that "Wait, Wait, Don't Taze Me, Bro" guy)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "Wait, Wait"
There is one good npr show: "Wait, Wait"

I'm sure you other posters have heard it?

If not, check it out - it is hilarious besides being that odd thing - an intelligent show on npr.


Anonymous said...

Ellen - 'your show' had received a black mark here (from an open thread, I believe it was) for its crass treatment of said tazer incident, hence my satire of its name.