Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How 'Bout Them Apples?

Morning Edition has been interviewing "conservatives" this week. Of course conservative is a virtually meaningless term encompassing a vast terrain from the basic rightwing Republican conservative like Chuck Hagel to the far right, trash-talking brownshirts of the airways like Rush Limbaugh and...

...Glenn Beck! That's right, this morning NPR went bobbing for guests and came up with a doozy: Glenn Beck. Yes, that class act radio/TV personality who called Cindy Sheehan a "pretty big prostitute," warned Muslims about ending up in concentration camps, and claimed that " if you're an ugly woman, you're probably a progressive as well." (Oh and there's more.)

Steve Inskeep interviews Beck and does he brings up some of these unsavory remarks to put Beck's opinions in perspective, and perhaps to challenge them? Not a chance. Inskeep puts quite a shine on Beck:

Of Beck's racist mockery of John McCain, Inskeep states matter-of-factly: "The radio and TV host went on to refer to Senator McCain as Juan McCain which suggests an issue where conservatives disagree - immigration."

Inskeep says nothing when Beck says, "Let them bottom out and this is - boy this is tough medicine. Let Barack Obama get in."

Again silence from Inskeep as Beck characterizes the elections of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton as a "swing to the extreme."

And lastly when Beck says of former Senator Rick Santorum, "the guy is a Winston Churchill in many ways," not only does Inskeep not laugh out loud at such rubbish, he actually praises Beck:
"Does it say something about the lack of leadership in the conservative movement if you as a relatively well informed conservative look around and Santorum, a guy who was defeated in 2006, is the only name that comes to mind, that excites you?"

Stunning, isn't it. That's our listener-support dollars at work. If you thought this was fun, tomorrow its back in the bowl for "drown it in the bathtub" Norquist of the Americans for Tax Reform front. I can barely wait.


Anonymous said...

As a Pennsylvania native, you can bet there was quite a spring in my step when the Sanctimonious Scotum bit it in '06. Nice that diarrhea mouths like Glenn Dreck are quick to offer up their warped revisionist legacy pontifications. In a perfect world (which this decidely is not), this insufferable dickhead (yes, that's as polite as I can be) would be resigned to rant at his obscure blog audience of five ... and Mytwords would have his own flush-with-cash radio show, replete with prestigious Sunday morning coffee table show appearances! :-D

We're sure the flags at Nationalist Plutocratic Rubes are at half-staff to mourn the death of Wm. Buckley.

Anonymous said...

PS: Oopsy. Of course I know there's an "R" in "scrotum!" My finger just forgot.

Porter Melmoth said...

The dementia at Nationalist Perverted Radio grows deeper. Perhaps, as the late Bucklehead was wont to do, NPR is dabbling in the 'controversy for controversy's sake' vat. They'll bungle such a venture, of course, but the damage is done.

Glengarry Beck is nothing more than a peepshow geek who, if Fox News didn't exist, couldn't even get work cleaning spittoons at a 5th rate carnival. So why does NPR pick up on him? Because there's an untapped audience to be found in the middle class' latent hunger for the horrible and the twisted in life!
So why not go the Naturally Prurient Radio route, if only for a day, and see how the ratings perform?

If Beck can invoke Churchill and (gasp) Santorum in the same sentence, then I can paraphrase Winston in regard to Rick: he (Rick) is a perverse man, with much to be perverse about...
Same goes for Beck.

Personally, I'm delighted NPR is stooping this low. Might wake more people up.

Anonymous said...

Great visual for the whole sickening propagandafest put on by Neocon Propaganda Radio.

So, since they only ever screech the talking points given them by the Rethuglicans and we know how oh-so-committed-to-fairness instead of facts....

You think they're going to spend an equal amount of time talking to the REALITY based perspective?

Hahahaha. No I didn't mean to make you bust your gut laughing.

NPR should just join the FOX network.