Monday, February 25, 2008

Open Thread

NPR related comments welcomed.


Porter Melmoth said...

Morn Ed's biggie this week: a bitchin' series on..... CONSERVATIVES!

... and what they think!

Producing such a series is a cinch: just call the usual suspects. Richard Perle's ALWAYS available. Plus, I'd just LOVE to hear from my long lost good buddy, Paul 'Wolfie' Wolfowitless (where IS Wolfie, anyway??)

It'll be fascinating to look forward to their LIBERAL series (there really will be one, won't there, gang?) and to see just how daring Nation's Pedestrian Ratio will get.

I can just imagine those busy NPR staffers, hustling to get Chomsky, Cornel West, Kev Phillips, Jon Stewart, Matt Tabei, Dennis & Liz Kucinich, Glenn Greenwald,(just to name the popular ones). Or even Bill Buckley (who has spat in the face of the monster he himself created).

Nah! That list is too scary. NPR get vewy, vewy fwightened when dose big baddie wiberwals or (shudder) 'pwogwessives' get let out of their cages!

Best to stick to the OTHER usual suspects, like, anyone from the Brookings Instution...

We shall see...

Anonymous said...

I was annoyed just now to hear Glen Beck being interviewed this Tuesday morning, February 26. Beck was treated with deference and respect, which he does not deserve at all.

When is NPR going to interview the few, very few, regular liberal radio show hosts? How about Randy Rhodes? How about Mike Malloy, who was fired from Air America, because he took his job seriously?

What about liberal commentators on network TV? Oh, that's right, there aren't any -- that's a false shibboleth of the Right -- which is wrong.

Porter Melmoth said...

Yes indeed, Inscreep even started the show by giving a respectful nod to Bob Novak on his birthday, with a gentle 'still uncovering stories at age 77'. (!) Still uncovering unspeakable slime, that is.

Can you imagine selecting a certified kook, like Beck, as representative of the conservative mindset? Beck's the kind of cheesy entertainer who fakes a sort of 'centrist' viewpoint, which makes progressives think, 'hey, you know, he's not all bad', while in actuality he's cut from the same cloth as Coulter and Hannity and even Fred Phelps. Show-biz shocker wannabees, without one iota of original thought - but they'd do well in Drama Improv 101. Beck's bottom line: he's a boring cliche - just another substance-abusing baby boomer. Like our president.

Inscreep, to keep his dignity and superiority intact, ends the segment by saying 'it's been FUN talking with you...'
I wonder how much fun he'd have if Rachel Maddow or Amy Goodman were his guests. Maybe they will be. But I don't know, they tend to call BS in all the right places. Too scary for NPR.

Next: Grover Norquist!! Now THERE's a real conservative!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, into the putrid, oozy bathosphere we slide (if we can suffer staying tuned in - I confess I break after, say, 10 minutes).

Did anyone stick around for tonight's fluffy thing on reality tv shows? Droopy Dog Cheekle started wheezing in the lead-in, and of course I just had to reflexively run off; one thing worse about such programs & people (isn't it enough that they already have their bleepin' platform?) is Neophyte Platitudes for Republicans thinking it's so 'cool' to feature them. Or are they just purposefully trying to get on the last nerves of their sworn detractors? (Gotta wonder, they probably love the attention they get here - as they'll take any acknowledgement they can get)