Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fair is Fair

Be sure to check out FAIR's critique of a Weekend Edition piece on NPR's dismissive and distorted coverage of an Iraqi press conference.


nash said...

Gack! Yeah, I heard that report on FAIR's Counterspin radio podcast last week. Couldn't believe my ears. "I'll save you the whole thing." The condescending tone of NPR's correspondent was just cringe-inducing. FAIR is nice enough to criticize him for missing the point of the Arab correspondent's question; on first listening, though, it seemed to me like he was doing little more than insulting him for his accent and imperfect English. Not one of NPR's prouder moments.

Porter Melmoth said...

Thank heavens that someone else (FAIR) is lightening our lonely burden of Completely Justified NPR Critiquing, by taking on NPR's audaciousness.

I suppose the lack of a more active NPR-analysis indicates NPR's relative unimportance in the cutting edge of journalism. But that's another reason why NPR has stuck to its mission: to infiltrate the educated middle class. Those numbers are smaller, but they are made up of people of 'more consequence', as it were. Mass media's already sewn up; NPR's niche is a cozy one, and they're having success in achieving said mission.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for that link. I missed it in real time. So the unwashed Iraqi journalists are, like, sooo, uncool because they don't live in the green zone! Hey Ari, you putz, have you ever given an honest appraisal of any of Mukasey's answers to any question before a congressional committee? Where he can't pull this "the mike isn't working" shit? I didn't think so.

Porter Melmoth said...

Yes, haughty, princely, prize-winning Ari can play his entitlement card by speaking Marie Antoinette language to we peasants. It is scarcely imaginable that any higher-up at NPR would have the balls to say, 'Cut the crap, Shapiro.'

Anonymous said...

Woot, woot! FAIR: 1, Smarmy McNews: ZZZZZIP!

I received the e-mail action alert on this at my workplace but couldn't navigate here to join my mates (puzzling that office "nanny" blockers deem sites like FAIR & ACLU as "Advocacy Groups" while I can access crap like Heritage & American Enterprise Inst., IF I even wanted to).

But yeah, FAIR's on their asses, and it didn't even take a Myt-Matt blog post to spark it! (this time)

Save us the whole thing, NPR. Just *@#$-ing go dark. Pleeeeez?